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Just Say No

Open up you bastards

One of the bummers about doing drugs is it brings out your inner stupidity. A Florida couple, high on meth and crack, were trapped in a janitor’s cupboard for two days. In a desperate attempt to get out they eventually rang the police who simple opened the door. Seems it wasn’t locked. Police found the closet thanks to the stench of human excrement.


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Skeleton In The Closet


Oh dear, a man has admitted to keeping his dead dad in a closet for 5 years. The 55 year old told police he had come home one day and found his dad, Mitsuo Sonoda, still in bed. It was only after he began ponking,  that the son put him in the wardrobe. Eventually the ex-wife contacted police when she couldn’t find any sign of her ex in-law. Hmm, despite it all,  it still didn’t stop the son pocketing his dad’s pension payments. Ah so!


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Hell Yeah, Monsters Are Real!

I knew it, I knew it, I friggin knew it!!!


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Way Too Much Time on Their Hands

Did you hear something?

OK, here’s the thing, Wakayam police officers, hiding in a closet for 6 days to bust a teen for stealing 862 yen is probably not the best use of your time, especially as it was in coins! Two officers spent every evening from 5pm-8pm for 6 days  hiding in an elderly man’s wardrobe after he complained that his wallet had been stolen twice from his home by the same little shit. Imagine the 16 year old’s surprise when they burst out of the closet! How’s that for effective policing?


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