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The Worst Possible Inheritance Ever

A seriously unfortunate man in Florida has just inherited … wait for it…. a 13,000 piece clown collection, which includes dolls, puppets, figurines, paintings,costumes and photographs. The collection belonged to his father-in-law  Jack “Clown Jackey” Kline,  who spent over 50 years amassing it. Hmm, I have just one thing to say, sleep with one eye open!!!


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Get Those Things Away From Me!!!

What on earth would possess Ortrud Kastaun, from Germany, to collect friggin clowns? Dear god, get Stephen King on the phone we have a nightmare in the making. Kastaun has just landed herself in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest clown collection in the world. She has so friggin many of the creepy creatures she had to move to a bigger house (hope it has a panic room lady!!!). Kastaun, a recovering alcoholic, credits her 2,053 creepy figurines on helping her stay sober.Seriously? I’d be sleeping with one eye open and maybe a baseball bat if I were you! Wanna see the collection? Click here if you dare!


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