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What Clown?

OK, note to self, don’t say you were attacked by a psycho knife wielding clown as an excuse for being late for work. Just saying. An Ohio woman fibbed about the clown and now she has paint on her face. That’s a charge right there. Seems the fence jumping, knife slashing clown was a figment of her imagination…. we hope.

PSST Friggin Ohio, home town of Bearman

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Loon Is Back To Hating Clowns

clownHell no. A 12 year old girl who stabbed her stepmum to death said a creepy clown called Laughing Jack told her to do it. The girl had told her dad she was hearing voices a few months before the stabbing but 16..yep 16 pyschiatric units refused to take her in. Oh and the state of Indiana declined to place her in medical care DESPITE a court order that stated that hospital placement was the “only option available”.


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Don’t Mess With Doo Doo

As you know, not a fan of clowns BUT I will make an exception for Doo Doo the Clown who saved two women from a mugging. Doo Doo, a well known Canadian entertainer, spotted a shirtless dude while out and about so decided to toddled off and investigate (in his non clown Hummer). When he rolled into the alleyway he discovered the man was violently confronting the women, so he did what any Doo Doo clown would do, he rescued them.


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Clown 1, Woman 0

This is just one reason why clowns have such bad reputations ….

Not funny? Check out these clown pranks, intensity turned up a notch or 10.


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Scary Clown Alert

What kind of sick joke is this? Authorities in Northampton are trying to identify the man who has been terrifying locals by roaming the town dressed up as a scary clown holding balloons. The clown mainly just roams silently around the streets but one resident claims he knocked on their door offering to paint the window sills, despite having no painting equipment. Sleep with both eyes open people.




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The Worst Possible Inheritance Ever

A seriously unfortunate man in Florida has just inherited … wait for it…. a 13,000 piece clown collection, which includes dolls, puppets, figurines, paintings,costumes and photographs. The collection belonged to his father-in-law  Jack “Clown Jackey” Kline,  who spent over 50 years amassing it. Hmm, I have just one thing to say, sleep with one eye open!!!


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Recognise This Clown?

Come on Loons,think …..

It’s Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, that’s who. Sheez, it’s a bitch being a B-grade celebrity.


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