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Good Job CNN

Awks to be CNN. During a gay pride parade the American news network repeatedly focused on a black flag amongst a sea of rainbow colours believing it was an ISIS flag. Turns out is was a black flag with crude drawings of…wait for it…sex toys. Whoopsie.


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Man Blamed For Dildo Extinction

Oh dear, A CNN anchor made a freudian slip when he stated that humans hunted the dildo into extinction. Hunted? I’d just wait until the battery was flat!!!!



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Boston Naked Guy Still a Mystery

Some of you who were glued to the TV during the Boston Marathon bombing drama will remember the naked guy that CNN splashed across the screens claiming to be the captured Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Well, the Boston police, who refluted CNN’s claims, haven’t released the naked dude’s details, raising the collective eyebrows of conspiracy theorists worldwide. Who is the Boston Naked Guy? Why hasn’t he come forward to lay claim to his awesome physique and gain his 15 seconds of fame? What the hell was doing there?Why did they strip him naked? Why did they blurred out the best bits? So many questions so few answers.

Who is the Boston naked guy


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Balloon Boy Sucks

Balloon boy update : Urgh, I hope the emergency services sue the ass of this family.Hmm, out of the mouth of babes, when daddy asks Falcon Heene on CNN live “Why did you do it Falcon? ” he replies “I did it for the show”. Case closed. Now can you send this family on it’s way. What happens if some kid really crawls into his daddy’s homemade UFO balloon and flies away into the wide blue yonder? Who ya gonna call? Not that sheriff with his pitchfork!

Psst Did balloon boy fart as well?

2nd Psst I wouldn’t have let that brat on TV without a script!!!


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