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You’re Free To Go

It’s drywall powder!!!!!

You know what I hate? When you spend 90 days in jail waiting for lab test results for a white substance found in your car. You know what I hate even more? When the white substance turns out to be drywall powder not cocaine. Insert eye roll.


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Can I Order the Lot?

It sounded like a good idea at the time. A group of pizza delivery guys decided to run a side business…delivering cocaine in pizza boxes. Unfortunately, the cops got a whiff and set up “Operation Extra Olives.” to catch them.

PSST Sheez, lets hope Uber doesn’t get ideas!!!!

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Did Jamaica?

COCAINE_CROTCHOK, obviously the Jamaican man didn’t get the memo. Stuffing a pound of cocaine in your undies and trying to sneak past JFK customs isn’t worth the grief. Now you got yourself a federal narcotics smuggling charge and an embarrassing photo of your stupidity all for about $19,000 worth of cocaine. Silly billy.


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Granny Drug Mule Faces Firing Squad

One more time people, DO NOT  smuggle drugs into Indonesia for crying out loud. A British granny is now facing the firing squad after getting caught with $2.5 million worth of cocaine in Bali. Despite prosecutors wanting a 15 year prison stint, she has now got herself a death sentence, thanks to a non amused judge. In handing down the sentence the judge said she had damaged the image of Bali as a tourism destination (and like shooting her won’t either?)  and weakened the government’s anti-drugs program.  In her defence Lindsay June Sandiford  claims she only did the drug run because the kingpins had threatened to hurt her kids.

Psst Clearly she ain’t no drug lord, just a very silly woman.


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Woman Fails Breast Test

Halloween bloopersThose sneaky little drug couriers are getting smarter and smarter concealing drugs but the Barcelona airport authorities are on to them. The latest bust found a woman with 2lb of cocaine stuffed in her breast implants. A hospital check revealed the implants contained drugs and were leaking. What a boob.


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Are You friggin Insane?

A 56 year old woman has been arrested in Bali for allegedly attempting to smuggle in 4.7kg of cocaine which has a street value of £1.6m !!!  The drugs were allegedly found hidden in the lining of Lindsay Sandiford’s suitcase after arriving in Indonesia from Bangkok. If  found guilty, sadly that is the death penalty…… by firing squad.


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Attention, Special Delivery for the UN

Oh shit!!!

Whoopsie, some Mexican drug cartel’s head is going to roll . Yep, a fool stuffed 16kg of cocaine, worth $2 million, into two fake United Nations bags without an address (or return address) and sent it to Ohio. DHL’s delivery center then promptly sent the bags to the UN headquarters in New York. A spokesman for DHL said “It is my understanding that because there was no addressee, the DHL just thought well that’s the UN symbol so we should ship it on to UN headquarters and let them figure out who it was supposed to go to,”. Hmm, the UN must of got a nice surprise. Now they can send a strongly worded letter to Mexico drug lords.


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Here Honey, Can You Hold This?

Antwine Bulter better be getting his 13 year old daughter a friggin awesome Christmas present this year after he left her holding 50 bags of crack and bags of marijuana when he spied police at his front door. He took off out the back door as he yelled to his daughter to gather up all the drugs and get rid of them. When police entered with a search warrant she was standing there holding the entire stash. As for daddy dearest, he hasn’t been seen since!


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Is Hiding a Crack Pipe In A Bible a Sin?

OK, here’s the thing Tonya Sutton, walking down the street drinking from a container of malt liquor is eventually going to lead to police finding your crack pipe hidden your a Bible. I’m just saying!

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Gramps Gets Caught With $2.9 Million Worth Of Cocaine

Oi,oi,oi, Leo Sharp is 87 years old and in really big trouble. He has been caught hauling 114 bricks of cocaine (valued at nearly $3 million) around in his car when he was stopped by police for a driving offense. Mr Sharp, from Indiana, began telling the magistrate he was forced by gunpoint to drive the stash but was stopped by his lawyer before he could say another word.


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