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So Was He Driving Under The Influence?

Pedro Torres Reyes passed out in his gray, 1997 ,Nissan Sentra. So? He was parked in the center lane of a friggin street with the car running and in gear. Not to worry though, police woke him up and took the 10 cocaine filled baggies they found. He’s now sleeping it off in an El Paso jail.

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Cocaine Laced With Flesh Eating Drug

Attention cocaine users in New York and LA, if you notice parts of your nose, ear or cheek being eaten away its probably because the drug’s been laced with levamisole. Egads! Levamisole is a drug used by veterinarians to deworm pigs, sheep and cattle but can also rot human flesh . Evidently 80% of the US coke supply contains it. For some reason dealers  have been using it as a filler for cocaine instead of the usual baking soda. On the bright side once the drug is out of your body the wounds will heal. On a bit of a bummer note, it usually leaves a shiny scar.

Want sauce with that?


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Not A Good Day

You know your life has taken a turn for the worst when you’re arrested for second degree murder after fleeing a house naked with a bag of cocaine hanging out of your butt. Ain’t that the truth  Jamie Coleman? I’m just saying!

Want sauce with that?

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Drug mule or stool pigeon?

For crying out loud lady, smuggling 1,000 grams of cocaine in your diapers ain’t no way to go through life. Karen Morla-Ramos (22) from East Boston was caught at the Logan International Airport after she started acting nervous. Authorities gave her a pat down and viola, they found the powder in a diaper-like garment she was wearing.


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Charlie Sheen Is At It Again

Charlie Sheen was rushed to hospital last night with severe abdominal pain after a 36 hour bender. TMZ is reporting that a “briefcase full of cocaine” was delivered to his house during the private shindig which included 2 porn stars and several other women. Hmm, copious amounts of alcohol and bricks of cocaine, tsk, tsk Charlie,  Dr Drew is ready and waiting !

Psst CBS’s shares dropped 2.9% after  news broke that their highest paid star had been rushed to hospital. Coincidence?


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Who’s Your Daddies?

Oh dear, four men, including three who are sons of high ranking officials in the Argentine Air Force, have been arrested in Spain for allegedly attempting to smuggle almost a friggin tonne of cocaine into the country. The plane belonged to the Argentine medical transport company Medical Jet. The cocaine is said to be worth around $39 million. Oh boy, are they in trouble. Hmm, I guess they are gonna have to talk nicely to their daddy’s!


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The Sheen Keeps Rubbing Off

How many times do we have to do this scene?

Oh for crying out loud Charlie, if you continue abusing drugs while trashing a hotel room naked with a prostitute hiding in the closet, there is a high probability they will rename the show One and a half men. Charlie Sheen, who was suppose to be spending quality time with his kiddies in New York, has found himself in hospital  with what his reps say was an “allergic” reaction to medication …in otherwords cocaine and alcohol. The incident allegedly occured after Mr Sheen couldn’t find his wallet or cellphone and had a hissy fit. Exit naked escort into closet while Sheen trashed the room.Denise Richards and their little snowflakes were also staying at the Plaza Hotel during the rampage but were thankfully in a different room because otherwise that would have been awkward!


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Lucky Loser

You would have to be one unlucky bastard. Not only did Mark Chambers get arrested for dealing cocaine but the lottery ticket he had in his pocket maybe seized by police after it was discovered it was a winner!!! Yes, Chambers won the damn Indiana “Pick Four” lottery winning prize money of $2,260. Loser.

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They Will Never Look There!

Hey kiddies, stop playing with daddy's stuff!

So if you were a big bad drug and weapons dealer in Brownsville, working with drug cartels in Mexico, where oh where would you hide your stash? Well it seems Play-Doh cups are good a place as any for cocaine and heroin. Who Knew?

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Honey, These Chocolates Sure Are Addictive

Don't know, I just gave him a Rocher?

In the latest “how can we get our drugs through customs” a man has been arrested after he stuffed his Ferrero Rocher chocolates with cocaine. Geez, that would be messy, not to mention time consuming. The $600,000 haul was discovered after New York custom agents noticed the choccies Robert Lopera was carrying weighed a ton (OK, maybe not a tone but they were friggin heavy).Sheez, will those friggin Colombian drug smugglers ever learn?


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