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A Million Cockroaches

A Million Cockroaches escapeQuick pass the spray people of Dafeng in China, there are a million friggin roaches on the loose.Yep, they escaped from a greenhouse where they were being bred for medicinal purposes. Hmm, yummy.


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Roaches On Coaches

New York bound bus infested with roachesOh for crying out loud people, roaches can take holidays too. Seems passengers on a bus going from Atlantic City to New York got all uppity when they realised a family of cockroaches were onboard. Yeah sure, it was a friggin big ,extended family of roaches but people, how do you think they were going to get back to New York… hitch hike? One disgusted passenger said “I sat down – roaches started crawling up on our clothes, falling down from the ceiling. Everything,”  OK, fine, I agree the roaches should have been more polite and just sat quietly at the back of the bus but really, did you have to make the bus driver pull over and radio for assistance?


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Roach Eating Contestant Dies

Oh my, the winner of a roach eating competition in Florida has died. The 32 year old man, one of 30 contestants vying for a pet python, became ill and collapsed shortly after the contest ended. Authorities are waiting on autopsy results to determine the cause of death. Hmm, I can pretty much guess.


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Roaches are Forever

Stan. And you?

Guess what Loons? For a mere 10 bucks The Bronx Zoo will let you name one of their 58,000 hissing roaches. Come on, it’s a Valentine Day promotion and besides, they’re from Madagascar. But wait, there’s more… for an additional $15 you can have a hand painted chocolate roach sent to you with a verification of name certificate. Not sold? Hmm, how’s about for $35 you get to name a roach couple and get two choccy roaches sent? Sheez, tough crowd!

Psst Just in case you change your mind you can purchase them here at The Bronx Zoo.


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It Will Take A Lot More Than That!

Shame, I was starting to like that family!

Shame, I was starting to like that family!

Holy bug bombs Batman. A Sacramento man blew up his apartment (literally) and damaged two others after he used 18 bug bombs to rid the place of a roach infestation.Yes Tone Pina, who couldn’t bare the cockroaches partying on his children’s faces at night any longer, decided to kill them once and for all. He placed about 18 foggers strategically around the apartment and set them off…next thing boom! Firefighters suspect the fridge was the ignition source which caused the explosion and about a million dollars worth of damage. Despite Pina’s best efforts, the roaches are still partying in the now abandon buildings.

Guess there will be a new warning labels on bug bomb packaging!

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