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Blind Freddy Could Have Activated Nuclear Bombs

EXPLOSION 8Oh for goodness sakes. Guess what the secret code was to authorize the launching of the U.S. nuclear missiles at the height of the Cold War? How’s about 00000000. Yep, we were 8 zeroes away from being blown to kingdom come. Well, not me per say as I wasn’t even born yet but everyone else.The reasoning behind the code was the fear that if communication lines were knocked out during a war, soldiers wouldn’t have a clue how to activate the bombs . Officials insist that the codes for launching all nuclear weapons today are a little more complicated. Hmm, I should hope so, or all the codebreakers would be out of work.

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Nuclear Missile Codes For Dummies

Hey Loons, want to hear something real scary? Try and guess what the access code was for the computer controls of the U.S. nukes between 1968 and 1976 was. Go on, just have a random guess. Well according to Bruce G. Blair, who was a Minuteman launch officer at the time, the access code to all the nuclear missiles was 00000000. Blahahaha, yep nice and easy so they wouldn’t forget.

Psst Clever. Russian spies would never have friggin believed it.

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Ideal First Home Buyer Bunker

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Feel like owning your own piece of cold war history? Well have I got a surprise for you, Ebay are auctioning off an underground nuclear bunker in Derbyshire. Oh yes, a slightly used 1959 Royal Observer Corps bunker which had been fully operational until 1991. Hello, it even comes with it’s own little plot of land in a beautiful farmland setting which is fully fenced. But wait, there’s more, it’s 15ft underground and can be reached by a metal hatch and shaft and includes a desk, chair, siren box, jerry cans and a sump grill and sump pump. Better be quick people, the auction ends on the 7th March. Interested? Click here ROC Nuclear Bunker – Master Post – Peak District.

UPDATE The bunker sold for  £20,600 .


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You Can Always Count on the BBC

BBC reporting from nuclear annihilation zone

BBC reporting from nuclear annihilation zone!

Isn’t it reassuring that the British government were so well prepared during the Cold War that they had made plans to make a pre recorded BBC announcement just in case of Nuclear annihilation. Yep, in 1974 the British Broadcasting Corp thought it be wise to pre record a message just in case of a nuclear war, because lets face it, who has the time to do it afterwards? But then again, who the hell would be listening to the radio or watching telly when burnt to a crisp? But it has also been revealed that the BBC felt it was vital that the message was recorded with a BBC voice, as they wanted the public to be reassured that the whatever the outcome, the BBC had survived the attacks (bless). Correspondence reveals they were extremely concerned about this “If an unfamiliar voice repeats the same announcement hour after hour for 12 hours, listeners may begin to suspect that they are listening to a machine set to switch on every hour or perhaps even that it has got stuck and perhaps after all the BBC has been obliterated.” Boy, they thought of everything, because I’d probably be more pissed to find out I had been fooled by the BBC than having been nuked by some blasted enemy! Though it was never recorded, there is a draft script floating around which start off by saying “You may die if you go outside”.

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