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Jigsaws Can Be Such A Bitch

Sorry for laughing . Dave Evans had just submitted his 40,000 piece Queen’s Jubilee jigsaw puzzle to the Guinness World of Records for the world’s largest jigsaw when it suddenly fell. The puzzle , which took 200 hours to cut, was suppose to go on display at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk before the disaster struck. Now Dave is asking volunteers to help him put it back together real quick. The 19ft 6in by 8ft puzzle collapsed when a passerby asked Dave for directions while he was in the middle of adjusting the huge frame.

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Falling Like Flies

First of all Kelly Osbourne collapses and has a seizure on the studio floor of her show, Fashion Police,  and then blow me down if Justin Beiber doesn’t collapse while performing in London. Did I mention Kim Kardashian nearly had a miscarriage. Good lord, what up Hollywood?


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