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Real Cat Piss

cat 3

Make it stop!!!

Oh for the love of felines, a company in Colorado have made a non alcoholic, beet based wine so cats can share a glass  with their significant other. Yep, wine for cats …of all the stupid. Evidently, it is choc full of catnip so they will be as drunk as skunks in no time.  Of course they have come up with hipster names for the drops…care for a  “Pinot Meow” or a “Moscato”. Come on Loons it deserves at least one eye roll.


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Orange Is The New River

Did someone just spill a shit load of Tang in the Animas River? Hmm, they wish. Some idiots, and that should be spelled with a capital I, let 1 million gallons of toxic shite flow into the usually majestic Colorado river, turning it a vile orange waterway of hell. Seems the team assigned to treat the contaminated heavy metal laced crap from an gold mine had a uber fail resulting in a enormous enviromental mess.Thanks for the state of emergency guys.


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What a Hoot

Hey, when you own a stuffed owl with law degrees from Yale, Havard and Oxford why the hell wouldn’t you bring him to court to help you fight your charge of violating a protection order.`The dude from Colorado plonked the owl on the desk before addressing the court with “He’s a very sensitive guy, has law degrees from Yale, Harvard and Stanford,” before adding “I think he’ll be able to represent me before a public defender comes online.”

PSST Colorado might want to think those weed laws …

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Bear Dumpster Surfing In Colorado

A bear has been caught on CCTV stealing dumpsters from behind a German restaurant in Colorado.


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Batman Massacre

Thoughts and prayers to those who lost loved ones in the Colorado Batman massacre. No words.


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What Friggin Next?

Firefighting planes in Colorado were grounded while battling raging out of control fires due to reports of a possible meteor shower. Has a plane ever been hit by a meteorite?


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The easiest way for a 1st grader to get suspended from a Colorado school? Get him to sing the line “Sexy and I Know It,” by LMFAO. That’s a three day suspension for alleged sexual harassment right there. Evidently he sang the lyric to a girl he was standing in the lunch line with. Oh and it wasn’t the first time, he did it to the same girl last month but he also did a little booty shaking near the girl’s face. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!

Want sauce with that?

As the LMFAO has an R rating on Youtube here is a tamer version, but you get the drift!


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Rockmelons Linked to 13 Deaths in the US

Step away from the cantaloupes people, they may contain listeria monocytogenes.  Yes, that’s deadly stuff!!! So far the fruit is linked with 13 deaths in the US.


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Good Luck Selling Your House!

Titus Terranova has made it extremely hard for his next door neighbor to sell their house, which is located in rural Colorado. Reason? He has painted  a 12ft sign on the side of his caravan warning potential buyers he’s the neighbor from hell. The sign which is visible to anyone looking at the property reads
3 Rottweilers
Loud Parties
Loud Music
Loud Cars

Surprisingly there have been no takers and the seller is now considering taking out an injunction to force Terranova to remove the sign.


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Lovin It

Just stop it!

Attention fools who are feeding cheeseburgers to a family of black bears, friggin quit it. Colorado wildlife authorities are on the look out for people hand feeding Burger King  food to a black bear and her cubs. The mother is now so keen to chow down on junk food she has been reported rummaging through cars for snacks.


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