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Devil’s Offspring Living In Columbia

Egads, a woman in Columbia believes she has given birth to Satan’s son. The baby, who continually disappears and then reappears in weird places like , the fridge, the washing machine and a bag hanging on the wall,  has the family fearing for their lives. Ana Feria Santos also claims her little evil snowflake has set fire to clothes and furniture. He also has an evil little cackle. Sleep with one eye open lady!!!!


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Don’t Sniff The Roses!

They make me feel so happy!!!

Bless, oh our little Columbian drug smugglers have been at it again, trying to out fox  customs… will they ever learn? This time our sneaky little cartel hid 4kg of cocaine among 20,000 long stem roses, destination Netherlands, in a Valentine’s Day rouse. Dumbasses thought the scent of  roses would confuse the drug pooches!

Psst Now there’s a bouquet guaranteed to give you sinus troubles!


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Shoot, I Don’t Care!

What happens of they aim at your head?

What happens if they aim at your head?

Scared of drive-bys, don’t want to die from a gunshot wound on the pavement surrounded by onlookers shaking their heads?  Hmm, well have a got a product for you. High fashion bulletproof clothing! OK, they aren’t gonna stop an AK41 but it will offer you protection from small caliber handguns and some high powered rifles! Hmm, for a mere $1,000 you can get yourself a simple shirt which protects you from handguns or you can go the whole hog and get yourself a stylish $14,000 leather jacket which offers maximum protection (no price for a life!). Miguel Caballero, owner of a Colombia based firm (well of course!) is the man behind the new trendy fashion range. Ooh and isn’t  he  Mr Popular among foreign royalty and heads of state! You can check out his clothing line @ miguelcabberousausa.com

Seems Steven Seagal ain’t the tough boy he makes out, he’s wearing them, so to the princess of Thailand!

2nd Psst I am guessing there is no money back guarantee!

3rd Psst Could be the uniform fabric of choice for the 2016 Olympic !

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