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How Much Did you Say?

OK, here’s the thing lady, if you are going to sue the city of Columbus for impounding your car following a traffic accident, don’t be asking for $500 billion dollars in damages or you’ll be catching the bus for an awfully long time. Just saying.

Psst The car was a 2002 Saturn SC2.

Could this be Ohio Bearman?

Confirmation ….. Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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Urine Fetish

Oh for crying out loud mister, that is gross. A Columbus man is heading to jail for 30 days and then will be under house arrest for another 5 years after he was caught collecting urine from a public toilet to drink. Yes, allegedly Alan David Patton has a urine fetish and was arrested after spending nearly an hour in a Burger King bathroom. Evidently Mr Patton has had quite a past history of arrests including voyeurism, public indecency, criminal mischief and rape.

Psst Whole new meaning to getting pissed!


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Heiress Has No Pot Luck

Oh for crying out loud, what the hell does a heiress to the Samsung Electronics fortune want to be doing messing with drugs? Lisette Lee (28) was busted with almost 230kg (506lbs) of marijuana in her luggage after a private jet she was on landed in Ohio. That will teach her for carrying 13 bags. Dog’s balls people, dog’s balls!!!  Police also found drug ledgers showing large transactions, cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Drug Enforcement Administration were tipped off about Ms Lee, thanks in part to the amount of luggage she was carrying. It required three cars to transport the bags and two men to lift the friggin things because they were chock-a-block full with bricks of pot. If she is found guilty that’s a max of 40 years. Hmm, I’m guessing when those high powered lawyers don on their thinking caps, she’ll get off.

Psst Wanna hear the excuse? She told authorities a friend paid her $60,000 to take the suitcases from LA to Columbus. She had no idea…..ah never mind, you can fill in the rest!


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One Way To Get Out of Work

Run, it's going to blow!

Run, it's going to blow!

Employees at JPMorgan Chase in Columbus, Ohio, ran for their lives after someone found a boxlike device in one of their conference rooms. The box had lights, wires and a timer. The building was evacuated for three hours, two of which was spent by the bomb squad laughing their asses off. The device in question was a timer used for people delivering presentations. The light on the box is used  to warn the speaker that their time is up. Anywho, it wasn’t a complete waste of time the  paramedics came in handy, treating a few of staff for heat stroke.

Psst Guess who’s the butt of office jokes now…boom!

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