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Rick Perry Strong Much?

Oh boy, Rick Perry should never have let his mom pick out his wardrobe for his TV commercial, now his “Strong” campaign has gone viral in a Brokeback Mountain kinda way …

The original ad …

The send ups ….

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If Only All TV Commercials Were Like These

As it’s a slow friggin news day I dig a little digging and found some amusing TV commercials for your viewing pleasure ….




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Jesus Hates Obama

Sheez, Fox network are refusing to air the Jesus Hates Obama commercials during the Superbowl. Hmm, probably because politics and religion never mix. The company, which flogs anti Obama merchandise, must be doing quite nicely  as a 30 second spot during Superbowl is $2.3 million.


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Messin’ With Sasquatch

How many times have I told you to quit messin’ with the Sasquatch? You’re such a beef jerky!


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Black and White People Furniture

Hmm, so why doesn’t anyone look you in the eye?

Psst I was thinking more along the lines of… where white and black people wouldn’t be seen dead!


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