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Don’t Fib in Brazil!

Two British law graduates sentenced to 16 months in Brazilian slumsBummer. The two British law graduates, who lied about a being robbed to scam insurance in Brazil, have been given their punishment. Oh dear and they won’t be happy. The judge has ordered Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner to work in Rio slums for either 1 hour every day for 16 months or 7 hours a day for 8 months (choose your poison!). No I am serious, 16 months or 8 months, in Rio slums! They will be lucky to get out of this alive! Some of these slums ‘favelas’ are so lawless not even police will dare venture into them!  Ooh and the two 23 year olds won’t be allowed to return to the UK until they have spent at least 8 months doing their community service.  Not surprising they have immediately appealed!

Psst Additional bummer…it is highly likely the two will be barred from entering the legal profession when they return home because of their criminal record.

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Raining On My Parade

Man refuses to do community service in the rainJust brilliant. David Houlsby, a drug dealer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, would prefer to go to jail than do community service in the rain…bless.Mr Houlsby who was ordered to do 100 hours of community service for getting caught with a stash of pot, claimed his punishment was too harsh and breached  his “human rights” (oh please, tell that to Schapelle). After working a few hours into his unpaid work he refused to continue because he was getting wet and that just wasn’t fair. Adding to his woes he then threatened his probation officer with a “punch in the face” when asked to get back to work. Oh well, 6 months in a nice dry cell is just what the judge ordered.


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