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What Took You So Long?

You suckers are gonna pay!

Well, well, well, Imadinnerjacket must have been smoking his pistachios again. He wants compensation for…wait for it…the ills Iran suffered during World War II . Hmm, a bit late honey.Imadinnerjacket is going to be writing a very heated letter to the UN (as you do), asking for compo for damages caused by allied powers. The Iranian leader said “You inflicted lots of damages to the Iranian nation, put your weight on the shoulders of the Iranian people and became victors in World War II. You didn’t even share the war profits with Iran.” What the? There were profits? Geez, we should have wars more often then, get the US out the financial poo so the corporate heads can get their big fat bonuses again without everybody whinging. Oh, by the way Imadinnerjacket is also tossing up whether to try for WWI compensation as well. Two birds ….

Psst Hmm, imagine he might be able to afford better suits?


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