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Sex Romp Compo

Woman injured during sex romp awarded worker's compensation

Wait, you forgot your briefcase

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi. If you’re a bureaucrat and go on a business trip and get injured while having sex in a motel, that’s worker’s compensation right there. The woman, who got clonked in the face by a glass fitting during a sex romp, took the matter to the Federal Court and won the right for compo. Well I’ll be.

Psst Thanks to Craig Berry for reminding everyone how cool it is to live in Oz.



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$13,624, Seriously?

$13,624 + reimbursement of cruise cost + expenses, is the amount each passenger on the ill fated Costa Concordia has been offered in compensation. Hold on just one  minute there Missy….. would you take the deal?


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Exploding Friggin Churros

Holy exploding Churros Batman. A Chilean newspaper has been forced to pay compo of $125,000 to 13 people after they received burns after following a recipe published in their paper. Hmm, evidently the suggested temperature to make the donut like sweet meant the oil had a good chance of exploding and sending the Churros airborne…..which in some chases did!


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French Sexual Needs Fail

Jean-Louis B is not only wifeless but is now out of pocket $14,000. Seems his ex wife has successfully sued him for failing to fulfill her sexual needs…for 21 friggin years! Hmm, compo for not putting out, how interesting!!! Poor Jean-Louis (51) told the French judge he was often tired and had health problems…..since he was 30?????? The frustrated 47 year old wife finally called the marriage quits and the judge backed up her argument that it was all Jean Louis’s fault!

Psst You watch, I bet old jean-Louis B will be on eHarmony within a week!


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Business is Bussiness

You are an Australian government employee on a work trip when you decide to have a little hanky panky with a guy in your hotel room. During sex a glass light  fitting friggin falls from the ceiling straight onto your face causing  not only psychological injuries but physical injuries to your nose, mouth and teeth. What do you do? Sue the government’s workplace safety body, ComCare, for compo that’s what! Her lawyer are arguing that her injuries were sustained during a work trip and therefore qualifies for compensation.

Psst Why not sue the friggin hotel?


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Way To Goa

OK, here’s the thing Indian police, if you throw a beggar into a rubbish dump  and a lawyer pulls him out, dam straight he’s gonna sue your friggin sorry asses! In 2009 Shelton Messier, who has one paralyzed leg, was dumped by two police officers at a rubbish disposal site in Panaji. A lawyer happened to hear Messier’s cries of help and went to his rescue. Together they filed a complaint against the Goa police and now the officers have been forced to pay $US1,100 in compensation.

Psst And we all know they should have thrown him on the roof…right Tony?


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What Justice?

OMG, you are better off to be a criminal in Australia, not only are the sentences pathetic but you can also spend your time in prison suing the state for negligence and receiving a shit load of compo. Alan Brown, who has never had a driver’s license,  has had more than 100 convictions for drink driving, has killed two people in separate accidents and is currently serving 14 years for the death of his latest victim, Margaret Loveday. In 2007 a Loddon Prison garden shed roller door accidentally closed on him so he sued the State of Victoria for negligence and won, claiming he not only suffered a painful injury but also suffered psychological damaged to boot. Guess how much he was awarded? $120,000. Hmm, I wonder how much the victims of his crimes received?


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So That’s Where It Went

Yep, there it is!

Oh for the love of god can someone keep an eye on the huge friggin swab when doing a hysterectomy op, thanks! Sheez, is that too much to ask?  Poor Susan Misiewicz had the tea-towel sized swab left wrapped around her bowel for 4 friggin months after a routine hysterectomy. It was only after a hell of a lot of pain and a CT scan that medical staff  realized what was wrong. Now she has not only lost a section of her bowel but is fighting a big wall of bureaucracy to get compensation. Three cheers for the British health system.

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Like I needed To Know This!

The dream!

Look away loons who are about to fly, you don’t want to be reading this. Pilot Bryan Griffin won £97,000 in compensation from Qantas after they failed to realize he was mentally unfit to fly a plane. Problem? He had overwhelming urges to crash the friggin planes he was flying into the ground. WTF! Yes, Mr Griffin “the pilot” had such strong compulsions on several occasions he had tried to cut the engines but instead left the flight deck to calm down. He also had urges to scream, ignore instructions and miss radio calls. Anywho, despite all of this several docs declared him fit to keep on flying. As the condition worsened he eventually resigned with with severe obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression. Qantas are appealing the decision.


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Jogger Locked In A Public Toilet


How much do you think being locked in a public toilet for 17 hours is worth? Well, if it’s in London around about $756. A jogger who spent Christmas Eve  in the Dulwich Park men’s public toilets, after an attendant accidentally locked him in, was awarded the piddly compensation by Southwark Council. Evidently the CCTV footage shows the unnamed man wrapped in a garbage bag under the hand dryers trying to keep warm. It wasn’t until the following afternoon he was finally freed.

Psst Hmm, now had a plastic mannequin head fallen on his toes as well…I’m just saying!


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