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Kittens vs Thugs

This is going to end in tears…


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Well Loons, if I play my cards right I might be otherwise engaged for a few months. Seems a restaurant and bar chain in Tampa, Florida are looking for “Drink It Interns” to travel the world and drink beer for 4 months. I’m in….

PSST Applications close 26th March but don’t bother I got this one home and hosed…. cheers


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Roach Eating Contestant Dies

Oh my, the winner of a roach eating competition in Florida has died. The 32 year old man, one of 30 contestants vying for a pet python, became ill and collapsed shortly after the contest ended. Authorities are waiting on autopsy results to determine the cause of death. Hmm, I can pretty much guess.


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Anyone For Python Vindaloo?

I’m not eating that!!!!

Want to know the best way to get rid of pesty Florida creatures like pythons, wild boar and lion fish? Have a top Miani chef cook off, that’s how. Yep, these nasty evasive critters, who have no natural predators (until now) will become the main ingredients for the chef’s dishes. Yummy.


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Valentine’s Day Horror Stories

You sort of know when someone runs a “Worst Valentine’s Day Ever ” competition there are going to be some dooziers. Runners up included a teenager who got pissed on by a dog , some poor soul who had a nasty mishap due to a colonoscopy and a woman who’s hubby-to-be had her engagement ring engraved ” Darrell Loves Misty” despite the fact her name was Jessica! But the winner of the trip to Hollywood to attend the world premier of the film “Valentines Day” went to a woman from Denver who found out on the most romantic day of the year (16 years ago) her ex husband was dating her mother and had been for some time. Ewh, and whats more they are still together! Yes, take a bow lady, you deserve that trip!


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