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Special Delivery

dumbassBummer. An Iowa woman has been charged with harassment  after sending a surprise parcel of cow poop to her neighbour because they complained about her dogs barking. Oh and if by some chance you were wondering how she did it, she ordered the offensive faeces from poopsenders.com who can arrange parcels of cow, gorilla or elephant poop to be delivered through the United States Postal Service. Good to know.

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Who Ya Gonna Call When Your Hash is Trash?

How you doing?

OK, here’s the thing pothead, you don’t go into your local police station and bitch about the crappy quality of hashish you bought from a dealer, you just don’t do that! The man from Eslov in Sweden told the police that he was a regular user of hash but the last purchased sent him on a really bad trip. So bad he told them he thought the TV was talking to him and his girlfriend was a dolphin. Whats more, he even brought in a small sample of the wacky hash for them to test. You might want to add this to the epic fail list because it’s illegal to possess marijuana or hash in Sweden.


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