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Aristocrat complains to police about inferior marijuanaWhen an aristocrat in England gets dodgy weed, of course he’s going to call the police and show them the crappy  block of cannabis resin he was given. Unfortunately that’s an arresting and a fine right there.


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Robber Rings To Complain

A robber in Atlanta was so pissed with his measly haul after holding up a Wendy’s restaurant he rang them twice to bitch about it. The man who was wearing a ski mask had walked up to a drive-thru window with a gun and demanded the cash drawer. Later the food chain received a phone call from the man complaining “next time there better be more than $586.” A second call a little while later consisted of the same whingeing remarks.

Psst Sheez he should be grateful they didn’t throw in fries with that!


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Hello, 911?

OK, here’s the thing mister, you don’t ring 911 to bitch about a girl you paid for on Craigslist   just because she was too old. Oh no, sell stupid somewhere else. Yes, the man had paid her $200 upfront for her to perform a “sexy” dance but was disappointed by her appearance and didn’t want her no more . Oh and for the record his mom was there and she was not impressed either!


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How Do You Expect Me To Burgle In This Mess?



Friggin finicky Swedes. Police in Paarp, Sweden, are looking for a thief who likes to surf porn in a clean environment. When the owner of an office discovered he had been burgled he found one of his computers still on and displaying several pornography sites. On further inspection he also spotted a note complaining about the mess “You need to clean up. Regards, Thief.”


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