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David Strassman

Last night I saw David Strassman and his puppets at the Regal Theatre (thanks Mega, oh and I dodged Chuck Wood’s spit). Hmm and as you know loons, I am not particularly fond of dolls nor clowns but when they spit and curse,  well…… now we are talking. Friggin hilarious. My fav would have to be the seriously pissed clown that kept slipping off his knee and the cursing koala, neither of which appear on any Youtube clips.

Psst And Ted E Bare has his own Facebook page.


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We Prefer That You Stink

Try this!

You can’t say Commerce City ain’t always thinking. The city are planning to shut down two water features near the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park  because of a Phish concert (alternative rock band). They are concerned “Phisheads” will use the fountains to swim,  piss  and bathe in. Seems the three day event includes allowing the hippies fans to camp outside of Dick’s and by all accounts they don’t wash very often! Phish!


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Woman Kills Family Cat To Make Outfit

OK, here’s the thing Oklahoma woman, killing the family cat and using the blood for an outfit you plan to wear to a Lady Gaga concert is wrong. Angelina Barnes had allegedly drowned the feline and covered all the light switches in the house with duct tape so they couldn’t be turned on. A relative later discovered her with blood smeared on her face and wearing a blood covered coat ready to head out to the concert. The liver of the cat was found in her makeup case. She is currently in hospital receiving treatment. Sad.


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She Bops

and no, I didn't take the photo, friend did!

OMG, I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert last night and I must say it was more an experience  than it was a concert. Wearing a bright red wig, Cyndi Lauper metamorphosed throughout the night into teacher, student, philosopher, artist, mother , wife, musician, humanitarian, comedian  and serious blues artist. Some fans must have been scratching their heads when she burst on stage and began belting out blues numbers from her latest album. It was a  far cry from her 80’s pop persona. However when  she walked off stage and into the audience and onto the seats she had them eating out of her hands.
Perth was a tough crowd, but she worked it hard to unravel the conservative politeness which has seeped into our music culture (we don’t stand up and dance no more). By nights end however she had everyone, and I mean everyone, on their feet and breaking into song.
When she finally sang Girls Just Want To Have Fun (a song she must now dread) Lauper split the crowd into two sections and had them singing the chorus in rounds like some huge karaoke party. When an exhausted Lauper left the stage the crowd was still buzzing over what they had witnessed.
The biggest compliment for Cyndi Lauper would have to have been the queues of people after the show lining up to get their hands on her latest album.

Psst I’m not sure if the crowd fully appreciated the musicians Lauper  had bought with her on tour but Charlie Musselwhite, Michael Toles and Steve Potts are R&B legends.


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Jimmy Buffet Face Plant

Jimmy Buffet fell off stage face first at a Sydney concert last night. Horrified fans were told to leave the venue as Buffet lay unconscious for up to 10 minutes. A witness said “We were in the 10th row and it looked like he did a massive face plant after his encore and pretty much didn’t get up.” He is currently in hospital with a head injury.

Want sauce with that?


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They Shook Me All Night Long

It isn’t often I say this but last night I saw the best concert ever and I mean ever. ACfrigginDC. Yes, I channeled my inner bogan and went and saw their last concert of the Aussie tour. Unfrigginbelievable is the only word I have to describe it. Did I happen to mention I am not a AC/DC fan in the slightest and would struggle to name 5 songs. Just the mere thought of having to spend 3 hours in a mosh pit with AC/DC fans was enough to make me think of joining a nunnery but I digress. From the moment the support acts slinked off stage and the crowd switched on their flashing red horns the stadium became electric. Then it all went black and the rumble of a locomotive shook the stage. Relentless. For two hours the band just rocked and rolled. Both Brian and Angus ran around stage like children whose mom had forgotten to give them Ritalin. Angus did everything bar making his fingers bleed to squeeze every last note from his Gibson. During the song “Jack” cameras cut to the crowd for the Jerry Springer highlight as woman of all ages jumped on shoulders and flashed their you know whats to the roar of the crowd. I of course refrained from such behavior as I have a reputation to uphold! A locomotive, cannons, explosions, a massive blow up Rosie, an Angus striptease, fireworks and then all went quiet. I had just witnessed one of the most amazing events in my life. Consummate professionals.

Angus Young


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Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Turkish pop star Demet Akalin rued the day she made some ethnic slurs at a concert. Poor woman was sentenced to writing out the Turkey national anthem and then having to write a five page critique on it! Hmm, so what did she say you ask? OK, here it is…. “Are you all from Diyarbakir? Did you come from the mountains? I don’t understand where you people can be from all of you sitting there staring like morons.” Geez, lucky she wasn’t stoned.


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