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Don’t Fence Me In

headOh dear, what is worse than getting your head stuck between two concrete barriers? Having police officers, firefighters and the press rocking up. This 8 year old will rue the day she ever wanted to see if her head fitted through.

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Concrete Jungle

I am guessing they just gave up …

lawn fail


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Penis On The Pavement

vandals carve penis into newly laid concreteWouldn’t it make you just scream. Some poor butcher arrived at his shop to discover some evil doer had carved a 6ft penis into his newly laid  $7000 concrete parking lot. To make matters worse he doesn’t have the money to redo the job so he will now park his car over it to avoid the expected jibes. Seriously, that would be a status symbol in my driveway.


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Exploding Pavement

Des Moine has just got a whole lot more interesting since their public works director revealed that the concrete pavements around the city might just explode due to that damn friggin heatwave. Water+ concrete + excessive heat = Kaboom! Sheez, death by concrete slab sounds nasty!


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Damn Thing Won’t Die

The offending creature

OK, here’s the thing, three Independence policemen shooting at the alligator in Rick Sheridan’s  back yard, it’s a friggin concrete ornament. When Mr Sheridan heard gunshots ringing near his house he went around to the pond at the back and saw the three officers lined up on the bank shooting at his concrete gator. When the cops realized the gator wasn’t responding they slinked off.


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Little Girl Kisses Concrete

Blahahahahahahhaa. Never work with children or animals.


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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Go AWOL


OK Loons, whack on your deerstalkers, some bastard has stolen Snow White and the seven dwarfs off granny Robinson’s deck. Yes, the New Zealand grandmother, Gillian Robinson, is beside herself with grief, knowing that the solid concrete gnomes, which have been in her family for over 40 years,are out there somewhere, alone and frightened. Despite being covered by her insurance she says they have great sentimental value and “How the hell do you put a price on something like that”? The last set of gnomes nicked from the neighborhood ended up in a friggin traffic island. So there is hope as well as fear. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful, Happy and Ms White are urged to phone the Palmerston North police station on 351 3600.

Psst Have a heart you thieving bastard/s and give up the gnomes.


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