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Shit Happens

Hurry up Fido, I need to go!

A word of warning to all residents of Baltimore’s Scarlett Place who are letting their dogs shit all over the place without scooping it up, they are on to ya.There is a plan underway to have all the dogs DNA tested in the upscale address so they can  catch the culprit/s and it’s owner/s then fine their sorry asses. You think I jest? Next week the condo board will vote to make it mandatory to have all pooches DNA tested.


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What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas, We Hope!

Minimalism is coming back in vogue!

You know what I hate? When a realty company gets addresses mixed up and forecloses on your condominium by mistake, changes the locks then removes everything inside. I really, really hate that. Nilly Mauckwas was doing quite nicely when the Brenkus Team of Keller and Williams Realty accidentally mistook her place for the next door neighbors. Ms Mauckwas popped home during the day to find a note on her door saying they had accidentally re-keyed the wrong door. She thought nothing of it until she returned home later to discover her condo had been totally emptied. Her clothes, wedding dress, wedding photos, baby photos, dishes, towels, clothes , jewelery everything, you name it, gone. Even worse, neither the Realtor nor the company that removed her possessions know where her stuff is. Bummer. I sense a lawsuit coming on!


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Bee Gone

OK, here’s the thing people, it isn’t a good idea to rid your condo of a beehive by dowsing it with hairspray then igniting it! Now dozens of people are homeless and the bees are pissed thanks to the raging fire!


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