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Safe Sex Food

eatingAn author in Japan has written a cookbook entitled Condom Dishes I Want to Make for You that contains 11 recipes  made by stuffing food into condoms. Needless to say it is now on the top of Japan’s  bestsellers list.

Psst Wouldn’t the food be a tad chewy?


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Condom Ad Banned From TV

I’m guessing this commercial won’t be appearing on TV anytime soon … warning, this has way too much information!


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Safe Sex On The Red Carpet

Could you, would you, on the red carpet? Hmm, obviously hell yes!  Zac Efron accidentally dropped a gold condom packet from his pocket while he was on the red carpet to promote the latest Dr Seuss animation, The Lorax. Hmm, well, that ain’t half awkward.


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The Worst Fast Food Story You Are Going To Hear All Day

That's no Happy Meal!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a 2 year old girl at a Geraldton Maccas  in Western Australia allegedly walked in from the playground chewing on a used condom. Her horrified father grabbed the child and washed her hands and mouth with soap (dear god, not in those toilets and not with their soap, she might catch som….ah never mind!!!). Evidently when he expressed his disgust to a junior manager he was told it was the second condom found in the playground that day. Sheez, it’s enough to put you off your fries. And why was a 2 year old left unsupervised in the playground again?

Want sauce with that? Hmm, I didn’t think so!


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You Say Condom, I Say Glove

OK, the condom alleged to have been found in a Dynamite Shrimp appetizer at the Cheesecake Factory in Arizona is apparently part of a finger from a vinyl glove. Phew! After lab testing, following the gross find, reports back confirm it was NOT a condom but part of a glove. Scott Turner still wants an apology and some sort of compensation. Of course!


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No Pockets?

Oh my, a homeless man from Florida who was arrested and thrown in jail had been hiding 30 items in a condom up his butt. Police, doing a routine search of cells, noticed a piece of condom sticking out of Neil Lansing’s rectum. When removed they discovered it contained pills,matches, a cigarette, a lip balm container, a pharmacy receipt, a coupon, lip balm, unused condom and an empty syringe (with eraser covering the needle).


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Safe Sex Porn

Now that got your attention!

OK, here’s the thing Derrick Burts the porn star, if you had already contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes from your profession maybe you should have considered using a condom before you got the big one, HIV, I’m just saying! Burts, aka Cameron Reid and Derek Chambers, tested positive for AIDS in October and now wants it mandatory for men to wear condoms on porn sets. He believes he caught the virus while on a gay porn shoot in Florida as the only person he has had sex with in his personal life is his girlfriend who has tested negative. In the meantime there has been a mad rush by porn stars to be tested.


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Miss Australia Blows It!

Now had Miss Australia, Rachael Finch, used her “obvious’ blowing skills in the Miss Universe Pageant talent section she might have been in with a chance. Rachael came in fourth in the Miss Universe Pageant but won the “blow up the condom” at the Condom Olympics in the Bahamas to raise awareness about HIV infection.


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