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Eggs Benedict

An artist is about to put her art work on display in Wisconsin. Called “Eggs Benedict”, the work made entirely out of 17,000 coloured condoms, bears an uncanny resemblance to retired Pope, Benedict. The work is a protest about comments he made a few years back claiming the use of contraception in Africa could increase the spread of AIDS. A bit late honey on your protest!


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Public Service Announcement

Robber rocks crying  baby to sleepIf for some unknown reason anyone has bought their condoms through Groupon Australia, you might be in for a few surprises. Sorry to inform you that they are counterfeit and more than likely to contain holes. o oh.


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Might Explain High Pregnancy Rates

Oh well, isn’t this a little embarrassing. Thai authorities are telling teens to stop bowing to peer pressure and quit buying condoms that don’t fit. Seems Thailand’s youth are buying large and extra large condoms to avoid being mocked. Problem is they don’t stay on.

PSST In Japan they use to brand the large ones Foreigner Condoms



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You Can Never Be Too Careful

crime-scene-2Step away from the suspicious bag . New Yorker Port Authority police were left a little red faced after they discovered a sus silver bag behind a barrier at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station and evacuated the area. Enter the canine unit and explosives experts who determined the offending item was in fact a box full of assorted condoms. As you were, nothing to see here.


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Maybe Not Meet Me In St Louis, Louis

Sale of condoms banned in St LouisHands up who knew that since 1934 the sale of condoms have been banned in St. Louis? Hmm, me neither but it would explain the high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies….just saying. Anywho, the city is working on overturning the stupid law. As you were….

Want sauce with that?


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Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Can you pass me a condom?

You would think food and water would be the top priority for flood victims in Thailand, but no, authorities are making sure helicopters are also dropping boxes of condoms. Reason? The ministry of public health fear that due to severe boredom during the monsoon floods there could be a baby boom. Seriously?


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What Do You Know About ‘SAFE SEX’?

Aussies, trust them to know what’s what!

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Who’d Have The Stomach To Be A Drug Smuggler?

My tummy hurts!A Nigerian drug smuggler has been caught at the Geneva border with 1.7kg of cocaine in his tummy. You would have to be committed! Border guards were shocked when they X-rayed the man and found his stomach contained 123 cocaine filled condoms (18 feet if you stretched it out). Don’t worry yourselves loons, each condom was coated with wax to make the swallowing easier.Geez, he so much as farts he dies! I hope they gave the man a laxative because if he got constipated…kaboom!


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And The Lesson Today

I don’t know what they did to you honey, but do you think squirting sardine juice and chucking condoms and lubricant over a mini fridge, a teacher’s desk and three lockers was a little extreme? Probably made you feel better but it was a little extreme! Brenda Sue Rawls an elementary school teacher has been charged with allegedly vandalizing the Portland East Middle School. It is believed she committed the offence after a teacher made comments about her. Oh and she also had an accomplice, a seventh grader who assisted in the stinking concoction! The two later tried to clean the mess up but got busted.

Psst Dear lord you can buy sardine juice?


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