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Notorious Serial Killer Lied

It was funny in the beginning …

What could possibly be worse than confessing to over 30 murders? Confessing 21 years later that you made it all up. Introducing Thomas Quick (real name Sture Bergwall), the man who until recently was considered one of Sweden’s worst serial killers. Quick has spent the last 21 years in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane after he confessed to gruesomely murdering randoms across Scandinavia between 1964-1993.
The truth was only uncovered when a documentary maker, Hannes Råstam, began rummaging through thousands of court documents and discovered that there was no DNA evidence, murder weapons or eye witnesses to back up his story. When he later confronted Quick he fessed up. Quick told Råstam he had made the whole thing up because while in jail on an unrelated crime “I was a very lonely person when it all started ….and I noticed that the worse or more violent or serious the crime, the more interest someone got from the psychiatric personnel. I also wanted to belong to that group, to be an interesting person in here.”

Hmm, one flew over that cuckoo’s nest!!!



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One Way To Get Attention

Anyone remember Bethany Storro the woman who claimed a black woman threw acid in her face outside a Starbucks? No? Come on she was scheduled to appear on Oprah, you must know her,she’s the one with the severe burns to her face. Oh well anywho, seems like she’s been fibbing. No one threw acid at her, she did it herself.I know, that’s friggins stupid! . But evidently after all the worldwide attention her story attracted she has confessed that her injuries were self inflicted. Sheez!


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Killers Get Priority

Hello, excuse me, what? A convicted killer who botched a suicide attempt has been given a liver transplant ahead of a cancer sufferer who has been waiting for over a year for one. I’m sorry Mr Johnny Concepcion from New York but you friggin killed your wife and then swallowed rat poison, that’s an automatic end of the line in my book. Mr Concepcion was given a new liver days after confessing to the murder. Meanwhile,  Kerry Sullivan and thousands of others continue to wait for an organ. A flabbergasted Mr Sullivan said “It’s a waste of an organ. It’s ludicrous. Not only did they give it to a killer, but a suicidal killer.”

Psst It’ll be a bitch if Johnny Concepcion gets the death penalty!


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Hey, Aren’t You Dead?

Oh shit, are you sure?

You know what I hate? When police force you to drink chili-tainted water then set off fireworks over your head to make you confess to a murder, then 10 years later the victim turns up alive and well. I really friggin hate that! Zhao Zuohai spent 10 years in jail for the alleged murder of his neighbor Zhao Zhenshang. However, the headless, decomposed body obviously wasn’t his because Zhenshang recently returned to his village seeking welfare support. Awkward.During Zuohai’s stay in prison, his wife remarried and several of his children were adopted. Ouch! Anywho, authorities are really peeved and have now ordered an investigation into the case with the original judges set to be punished big time! Look out!


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