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Man Confesses To Etan Patz’s Murder

The mysterious disappearance of Etan Patz may have been solved with the arrest of Pedro Hernandez (51). Patz disappearance on his way to school in 1979 sparking a nationwide campaign that saw his face become the first of many to appear on the side of milk cartons.

The amazing turn of events unfolded after police began digging in a basement of another suspect who they feared had buried Etan under cement. An anonymous tipster (believed to be a relative), who saw the coverage, contacted police with new information.

Police said Hernandez, who worked in a grocery store near where Etan disappeared and had never been a suspect, looked relieved when taken in for questioning. He confessed to police that he had lured the little boy into the store with a can of soda before strangling him in the basement. He then told police he stuffed Etan’s body into a bag and threw it in the trash where it was most likely picked up by city sanitation workers. Other reports say he dismembered Etan before discarding the body in various plastic bags.

* Reports are now claiming the family contacted police soon after Hernandez confessed to killing the boy in 1979, however police dismissed Hernandez as a nutter after interviewing him. Article here.

Pedro Hernandez would have only been  18 when he killed Etan.

Pedro Hanandez was recently diagnosed with cancer.


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Battle of the Bulge

OMG, when your name’s “Weiner” surely you would admit straight away that the bulging undies photo on Twitter was yours. Oh but no, it seems Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner was a tad shy in fessing up that he accidentally sent the photo of his undies and bulging penis to his Twitter account instead of  directly a young woman. I guess because he was worried his wife and family might be peeved, embarrassed, shocked etc. Anywho he’s not resigning.


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Rappers Rap Sheet

OK, here’s the thing guilt ridden rapper, when handing yourself in over a 17 years old shooting, make sure the dude you shot didn’t die or that’s a friggin murder charge. Trevell Coleman (aka G-Dep) waltzed into the 25th Precinct station looking for closure when he  confessed to a 1993 cold case. Holy Lilly Rush Batman! The police listened patiently until he had finished his story before telling him John Henkel had died. Awkward.He’s now been charged with murder. Despite his family begging him not to go to the cops Coleman believed the bad things that happened to him during his life were karma and wanted to clear his conscience.

Psst Coleman’s criminal record includes nearly 30 arrests.


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Toilet Drowning Not Suicide


After 11 years, a Wisconsin man has finally confessed that his wife didn’t drown in a toilet but instead he killed her. Probably glad he got that off his chest. Doug Plude has pleaded guilty to killing Genell Plude in 1999 after she told him she was a lesbian and was getting the hell out of their marriage. Doug laced her migraine meds with poison , drowned her in the loo and then made it look like suicide. Doug had  served 5 years in prison before the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned his conviction (bet they feel foolish now!).


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Joran van der Sloot Confesses

Joran van der Sloot has finally confessed to murdering Stephany Flores Ramirez in his hotel room in Lima last week. He told Peruvian police the girl intruded into his private life by reading articles about him on the internet “She had no right.” After confronting her, he then said he grabbed her by the neck and hit her. Police are currently scouring his laptop fearing there maybe more victims (I wouldn’t be surprised). Hmm, now he doesn’t have daddy dearest to protect him, justice might finally be served.


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Drew Peterson Confesses To Inmate

Loose lips sink ships Mr Peterson. Seems Drew Peterson’s showing off may have finally led to his downfall after boasting to an inmate he killed his wife Stacy. Hello , you know fellow inmates have no scruples when it comes to snitching on a friggin cop. According to TMZ, Peterson also told the prisoner he had used an accomplice to dispose of his wife’s body. The accomplice has evidently squealed and tomorrow authorities intend to dig up the ground where it is believed she is buried in a metal drum. Sniffer dogs led authorities to an area on private property where the accomplice claims he buried her. Stay tuned folks.


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