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Most Psychopathic State in America

It is official. A study to determine where the majority of psychopaths live has pinpointed a state in the US. Can you guess? Well, take a bow the good people of Connecticut you are the psychopath capital of the US, followed by California, New Jersey, New York and Wyoming. But wait, if you were thinking Washington DC, as we all were, you are kind of right…per capita it is double that of Connecticut. Well then District of Columbia, congrats you are the most psychotic than any individual state in the US. Oh, and if your occupation is one of these, company CEO, lawyer, media worker, salesperson, surgeon, police, clergy, chef or civil servant high chances are you or a colleague is a psychopath….just saying


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Well That Takes The Cake

My bad?

My bad?

OMG, a four year old has been banned from a doughnut shop in Connecticut because …wait for it… he asked a random woman if she had a “baby in her belly?” Awks. Seems she was just fat. The mother of the precious little snowflake said the next time they went to the shop the manager told her her child was not welcome because he was “rude”. Oh for crying out loud, when I was a little loon I asked a man at a restuarant why didn’t he have any hair!


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Haircut For A Hug

Haircuts for a hugHero alert and Sunday heartwarmer. Every Wednesday, 82 year old Joe Cymery grabs his clippers and moisturizing aftershave and heads to a local Connecticut park where he offers haircuts to the homeless in return for a hug. For 25 years “Joe the barber” has cut, massaged and slopped Estee Lauder aftershave on the less fortunate.


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Cheap Theme Park For Sale

OMG Loons, guess what? There is a 17.7 acre theme park for sale in the US and its only going for $350,000. Of course there is a catch. OK, its a derelict religious theme park in Connecticut called Holy Land USA. Seems,when the owner died in the early 80s a group of nuns,who were left to run the place, got kind of lazy.  The park was opened in 1958 and boasted sprawling replicas of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden and some catacombs which all look pretty much like crap now. Hmm, but with a bit of elbow grease and some spiritual inspiration you could bring it back to life. Oh and if you do decide to buy it you might want to bring a bucket and some strong cleaning agents because it was also the scene of a murder in 2010.


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Monsignor Meth

cross dressing priest arrested for drug dealingOK, I can kinda of forgive a sex shop owning cross dressing Catholic priest but I draw the line at him leading a $9,000 a week drug dealing ring. Seriously Monsignor,  crystal meth!!! Sources say suspicion began falling on the Connecticut priest when he began ‘engaging in sex acts, entertaining “odd-looking men” and cross dressing in the rectory of St Augustine Cathedral.’ Funny, because that normally doesn’t raise eyebrows amongst diocese officials. Anywho, Kevin Wallin resigned in 2011 and continued his path of damnation until his arrest in early January. Looks like he’s going to hell in a handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes.

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Westboro Head to Connecticut

Westboro plan  to congregate at the scene of shooting tragedy Just when you thought the tragedy at  Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut couldn’t get any worse, enter the friggin Westboro Church. Yep those souless , heartless religious extremists,  lead by Fred Phelps, plan to head to the scene of the tragedy and offer praise to God for ‘executing his judgement’.


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Gunman Kills 27 People

gunman kills 27 people at connecticut schoolIt is with great sadness to report of the shooting of 27 people at a Connecticut school . Much will be said and much will be written about this senseless killing, especially of the 20 innocent children who lost their lives to one selfish individual, so all I will say is, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involved.  A truly sad day.


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