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Anyone Care To Consciously Uncouple?

computer woman 2Seems Gwyneth split from hubby Chris Martin has caused a stir. No loons, no one cares about her or her marriage, what everyone is LOLing about is her choice of words to announce to the world that she and hubby no longer can stand the sight of each other …welcome to the world of “consciously uncoupling”. Yep, when she announced her split instead of saying “divorce”or “separation”  the ever attention seeking Gwyneth just took it that little too far by declaring they had consciously uncoupled. Well didn’t that just add a flame to the Twitterverse. Want a laugh go check out #consciouslyuncouple   . My favourite tweets so far are

I would probably consciously uncouple too if the only thing I ever ate was lemon water and vegan mayonnaise.

I’d like to Consciously Uncouple with all the Costco brand bras I’ve had in my drawer since high school

I dare say, ole chap, I should jolly well like to consciously uncouple with this guttersnipe of a glacier!” the Titanic

I need to consciously uncouple from the Ferrero Rocher fruit bowl situation before I turn into a pig

Anyone care to add?


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