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Anyone For Python Vindaloo?

I’m not eating that!!!!

Want to know the best way to get rid of pesty Florida creatures like pythons, wild boar and lion fish? Have a top Miani chef cook off, that’s how. Yep, these nasty evasive critters, who have no natural predators (until now) will become the main ingredients for the chef’s dishes. Yummy.


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The 7th Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

You won’t be seeing this on a cooking show  anytime soon, the annual World Testicle Cooking Championship. High in a remote Serbian mountain village chefs gather to cook up animal testicles. Yes, you heard me, the chefs cook up the balls of kangaroos, ostriches, camels, bulls and boars.Hmm so if you feel like a beef ball goulash, gonad moussaka or a testicle pizza this festival is for you? Yummy!

Psst Hey Jammers, if you want any of the recipes just give Susi Spice a buzz!


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Of All The Places

OMG, a near Kaboom diverted. Nathan Beasley decided that a gas station was a good a place as any to cook his methamphetamine. Oh yeah, in his car, right next to a fuel pump. Only problem was, Nathan passed out and now he has got a crap load of explaining to do when he is discharged from hospital.


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