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Another Fine Mess

LaughYou gotta love Austrian ingenuity. When a police officer pulled over on the State highway to monitor traffic he set off a booby trap that covered him in manure. The officer tripped a fishing line attached to the bucket of poop that set off explosives that kaboomed him. The intended target was believed to be traffic cops who frequent the spot.  Shit happens.

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Now That Takes Balls

Man arrested for squeezing a policeman's testiclesOK, taking a cop’s gun maybe one thing but squeezing his testicles, now come on, that’s like an arresting right there. The dude is facing a string of charges and is currently on a $100,000 bond. Moral of the story is don’t play with an officer’s balls.

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That’s Using Your Finger

A quick thinking New York cop saved himself from a bullet by wedging his finger between the gun hammer and cylinder after a man put a revolver to his stomach. Yeah, OK, he got his ring finger broken for his troubles but he avoided his own funeral. Bravo Sergeant Michael Miller.

Want sauce with that?


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Don’t Mess With Clowns


OK, here’s the thing teen trying to rob a clown, make sure he’s not an off duty Chicago police officer or he’ll shoot you dead! The officer, who had been helping out as a clown at a children’s fundraiser was approached by a teen for money. When he said he didn’t have any, the kid pulled  gun. One thing lead to another and the clown ended up shooting the teen dead after grabbing the gun.


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You Thought You Could Get Away With That?

Ewh, this was never going to end well. A New Jersey cook,  Ryan Burke, was working in a restaurant in Evesham Township when two cops  walked in. He instantly recognized one of the officers as the cop who had charged him for a 2009 traffic violation. So as revenge he pubed his sandwich. Yes, that’s right, he grabbed a clump of chest hair, then a clump of pubic hair and added it to the sandwich. That’s a 15 day jail sentence and 2 years probation right there! Hmm, you know, somehow I think no matter what the sentence, Ryan Burke, will always have the satisfaction of knowing the cop swallowed his pubes!

Psst Yes, the policeman did eat part of the sandwich before noticing the hairs.


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They Aren’t On The Highway

OK, here’s the thing dumbass, you’re getting a ticket because you were on the friggin highway. Your mates aren’t on the friggin highway (they are jumping it), so I can’t cite them, so shut the hell up OK!!!!


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Two For The Price Of One

Whoopsie daisy, a retired police officer Kenneth Shannon not only accidentally shot himself through his hand  but also managed to shoot his police partner too. 7.5 difficulty with pike. Shannon, who is now part of the reserve police, placed a loaded magazine into his brand new Glock 22 and placed his hand over the barrel before KABOOM! Once the bullet had passed through Shannon’s left hand it hit Joe Leavy into his right side. Leavy was driving at the time of the accident.


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Cop That!

A little wet behind the ears!

OK, here’s the thing Mr Cop, when responding to a noise complaint don’t be stripping down naked and jumping into the pool of the offending homeowners, it’s just not cool! The police officer, who hasn’t been named, was responding to a noise complaint when he walked through the gate, across the patio, took off all his clothes and jumped into the pool with three rather shocked women. The officer only got out of the pool when he heard on his radio that another cop was on his way (after hubby rang 911).  Needless to say the police officer is currently on paid leave while an investigation is underway.


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Cop That!

Well here’s a turn around for the books, an off duty East Orange policeman who was still in uniform has been arrested for spitting on a 20 year old woman waiting at a bus stop. Authorities have no idea why Anthony Reed allegedly approached the woman (who was a complete stranger) in his car, before jumping out grabbing her, throwing her to the floor and spitting on her.


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Cops Can Get Tasered Too!

You know what I hate? When you drive 2 times over the legal limit from McDonalds, go through a stop sign and then fall asleep in the middle of a intersection and then get tasered by your fellow police officers. I really hate that. Seth Castillo an off duty police officer was found slumped behind the wheel of his Jeep Cherokee after spending a night drinking. When fellow cops tried to wake the snoring Castillo he became hostile and aggressive so they really had no choice but to taser him. Hmm, that’s what 24 beers mixed with ritalin will do.


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