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Aw Snap

A self-driving Google car got pulled over in California for ….wait for it…driving too slow.


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Close Call

police 2A distraught man shoots himself dead in his pick-up , how does one cop react? He opens fire of course. The cop who let loose said he thought his colleagues were under fire. Luckily the shots missed …oh wait,never mind.

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Can They Really Arrest You For That?

Luis, Luis Luis, how many times do you have to be told to clean your friggin room before your mom rings the Stamford police huh? Oh for crying out loud how old are you? 18!!!! Luis Perez’s mom had had quite enough of her son when she came home from work and found the house in a mess so she called the cops.  When the cops arrived the teen refused to come out from under his blanket in his bedroom and put some pants on, declaring it was an invasion of his privacy and “he has rights”. When Luis continued to be uncooperative and hostile towards his mother the cops whacked him in handcuffs and escorted him out of the house. He is currently waiting for his mom to cough up $5,000 bond so he can get out of jail.

Psst Sometimes it would be great to be a cop!

Want sauce with that?


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Bagel Rage At Starbucks

Did I miss a full moon or something? An English professor was escorted out of a Manhattan Starbucks by three cops after she refused to answer one simple question. Would you like cheese or butter on your toasted multigrain bagel?  The barista became so frustrated when Lynne Rosenthal refused to answer the question he refused to place her order. Professor Rosenthal responded by shouting ‘I want my multigrain bagel!’ The standoff ended when the manager called the cops. Apparently this isn’t the first time Ms “stickler for correct English” has made trouble at Starbucks. Her previous antic involved the refusal to order a “tall” or “venti” instead insisting n ordering a “small” or large” cup.

Psst Get over yourself lady, answer the friggin question or go somewhere else.


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Very Best of Cops

Oh for goodness sakes, who the hell would want to be a cop?


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So Who’s The Dope?

OK, here’s the thing Texas cops, if you make an announcement to local news that you have made “one of the largest marijuana plant seizures in the police department’s history,” you might want to make sure it’s marijuana and not just a friggin weed first. Yep, the Corpus Christi officers, who spent hours upon hours pulling up the plants and tagging them after receiving a tip off, were pretty bummed out to discover they weren’t actual marijuana plants at all but Horse Mint, a common prairie flower.


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Captive Audience

OK here’s the thing Joshua Vasquez, when planning to deface a glass door, don’t do it with over 100 LA County sheriff’s deputies and cops looking on. What Vasquez didn’t know as he begun etching into the glass door was that they could all see him through the glass but he couldn’t see them. It wasn’t long before the cops intervened but Vasquez fled he scene with 40 cops in hot pursuit. As luck would have it he tripped and fell making it way too easy to arrest him.

Psst I’m surprised they didn’t taser the vandal!


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