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British Spy In Locked Sports Bag Was Murdered

Remember the British spy who was found decomposing in a locked sports bag in a bathtub? Well, the coroner has announced after nearly two years Gareth Williams was likely killed in a criminal act. Hmm, no shit Sherlock, I could have told you that! Evidently, they will now be DNAing 50 intelligence agency colleagues to try and match DNA samples they found in his apartment.


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Gramps Spontaneously Combusts

The coroner investigating the death of Michael Faherty (73), of Ballybane, Ireland, has declared it spontaneous combustion. Despite Mr Faherty found lying on his back  burned to a cinder next to an open fireplace, forensic experts have ruled out that  fire was the cause. The pensioner seems to have simply burst into flames leaving only minor damage to the area just beneath him and on the ceiling just above him.

Psst Hmm, maybe he got hit by a piece of space junk?


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Simon Monjack Died Of The Same Thing As Brittany Murphy

Oh my, in a tragic twist it seems Brittany Murphy’s hubby Simon Monjack died of the exact same thing ..acute pneumonia and severe anemia. Brittany’s death was ruled as a result of pneumonia, iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication and ditto Monjack. Though the report does say the drugs found in Mr Monjacks system weren’t enough to kill him they were a contributing factor.


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