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Worst Excuse For Keeping A Corpse

bald eagle 2

I’m not eating THAT!!!

OK loons, fulfilling your dead hubby’s wish is one thing but keeping his corpse for 9 months is a tad extreme. The 88 year old told authorities that her husband wanted his body eaten by birds so everyday she would open the windows and doors but evidently the birds only got as far as the aircon. Police suspect she was telling whoppers because she had sprinkled lime around the corpse and was still cashing in his retirement checks.


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So That’s Why The Dishes Were Piling Up

Man lived with corpse in trailer homeOK, we know times are tough but living for months with a corpse on the sofa in your trailer home is just plain wrong. The body of the elderly woman was found during the serving of an eviction notice. The man who lived with her was arrested for all the things he failed to do following her death from natural causes.


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I See Dead People

Did you hear the one about the ....

Oh for crying out loud people, sleeping with a corpse is gross, telling jokes while she rots, friggin bizarre. Kiwi Gordon Hiett told the court he strangled his Thai sex worker girlfriend, Nuttidar Vaikaew, after an argument and then popped her in bed next to him. Then for the next month he lived with the rotting corpse, using an electric fan to minimize the stench. During this time Hiett cheered himself up he reading jokes to himself . The body was discovered after the landlord noticed the foul odor coming from his apartment.


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Mummified Body Found In Chimney

Ewh, a mummified body, believed to have been wedged in a chimney for 20 odd years, was discovered in a derelict industrial building in Finland. Authorities discovered a wallet on the corpse which indicated the man was born in 1953. Further investigation revealed he had gone missing in 1991 and declared dead in the early 2000s. Police are still not sure if he was dumped in the chimney or he simply got stuck in it.


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Grave Robbers Steal President’s Body

OK, can the thieves who stole the corpse of former Cypriot president Tassos Papadopoulos please friggin return it ASAP. I don’t think I need to tell you how gross that is!


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Hi Honey I’m Home!

Daddy, don't expect me to change the sheets!

Now there’s devotion for you. A Vietnamese man dug up his dead wife, moulded a bit of clay around the bits that had fallen off , clothed her and placed the remains in his bed. For 5 years he slept with his wife’s corpse because he just wanted to hug her. Originally when his wife died, Le Van just slept on top of his wife’s grave but when it started getting windy, cold and rainy he dug a tunnel to the grave to “sleep with her”. Once his kids found out they friggin freaked and banned Le Van from going back.Next thing they know he’s dug her up and brought her back to the family home.

Psst I hear the sex is the same but the dishes are piling up in the sink!


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