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What Army?

gunShifty little buggers. Seems the Iraqi army is a tad corrupt…surprise, surprise. Over 50,000 false names have been found on their payrolls . The so called “ghost soldiers” have been paid a salary and the money syphoned off to corrupt officials, which might explain the rise of ISIS militants. The US must be rightly pissed as they have poured billions into building up the Iraqi army.


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The Butler Did It

Holy mousetrap Batman. Guess who’s behind those Vatican leaks which revealed all the alleged corruption, mismanagement and internal conflicts. ? Seems Pope Benedict’s personal butler, Paolo Gabriele . Well, that’s awkward!

Want sauce with that?

UPDATE : The butler has been arrested, but the show will go on.


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Pope Not Happy About Vatileaks

Bless me Father for I have….

Holy criminal accusations Batman. The Vatican is all at Holy sea over a Vatileaks scandal that threatens to be a book. OK it’s already a book, and the Pope ain’t happy. Pope Benedict XVI has got his lawyers lined up, ready to sue as leaked documents about corruption and mismanagement within the Catholic church go public in the book His Holiness, by Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. Evidently someone on the inside has been providing private letters and memos between Pope Benedict and his personal secretary to the author (and it ain’t Murdoch). Um ah!!!



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Polish Prosecutor Shoots Himself at a News Conference

Is it me or when a military prosecutor, leading the enquiry into the 2010 air crash that killed the Polish president, holds a news conference and then shoots himself, there is something they aren’t telling us! Colonel Mikolaj Przybyl has had a rough time since taking on the role as prosecuctor having been targeted in several attacks on his home and his car. Before putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, he spoke  about corruption and criminal organisations in the military.Oh dear, there’s the prob right there!

Psst Seems Przbyl ain’t a very good shot as he is expected to make a full recovery.


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Mayor Today Murdered Tomorrow

Being a mayor in Mexico is a friggin thankless job, just ask the people in Santiago who found the body of Edelmiro Cavazos (the mayor). Cavazos was abducted at gunpoint by 15 armed men, bundled into a car and murdered before  his body was dumped along the side of the road. I’m guessing Mr Cavazos should never have tried to weed out corruption in the local police force.

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We Might Be Corrupt But We Ain’t Pigs!

Oh boy those Indonesians! Indonesian police are planning on suing the Tempo magazine over a corruption story. No silly, not because of what it said, but because the cover depicted an officer holding piggy banks on leashes. Hello, pigs are considered dirty in Islam so therefore the cover was disrespectful, dah! The National police chief, Bambang Hendarso Danuri, said “The fact that we are illustrated as pigs hurts us a lot,” No word on the senior officers accused of embezzling millions of dollars in the article. Hmm and its not surprisingly that hundreds of thousands of copies of this week’s Tempo magazine were bought directly from distributors by men looking suspiciously like policemen before they hit the streets. Worried much?

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Tsunami Money Unaccounted For

Hey psst, guess what? You know all that friggin money sent to Sri Lanka for Tsunami aid? Well the anti corruption watchdog has discovered nearly $537 million of it is unaccounted for AND $686 million has been spent on projects that have jack shit to do with the disaster.Ta da! Oh and of course the government is ducking for cover refusing to comment. Transparency International, who was behind the audit, said that the public had a right to know where the friggin money has gone. The Tsunami killed 31,000 Sri Lankans in 2004 and the country was given $2.5 billion for a relief fund.


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Bribe Proof Pants

How am I going to take a scratch now?

How am I going to take a scratch now?

Things must be pretty corrupt at Nepal’s international airport because the anti corruption authorities are going to be issuing pocketless pants for staff. Try bribing tourists now suckers! Yes, after a humongous load of complaints by tourists about the behavior of some individuals working at the airport all officials will be given bribe-proof trousers. Hmm, they should be nice and unflattering!


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