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Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

You would think Yancy Terrell Cochran was doing the right thing bailing his friend out of jail. Well, yes, if he hadn’t of used a friggin counterfeit $50 bill. Dumbass. A Scott County clerk spotted the fake bill amongst the other $50’s and immediately tested it using a special pen. After denying any knowledge of the counterfeit note, Cohran eventually admitted to making it at home. Doh! Now he’ll probably need a friend with a computer and printer to bail him out!

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It Doesn’t Add Up

How many times do I have to tell you, when making counterfeit money make sure you have the correct denominations dumbass. A Lebanese man has been arrested in Malaysia allegedly carrying $66 million worth of fake US currency. His scam was exposed after he tipped a hotel maid with a $500 bill. She was rightly pissed when she tried to convert it to local currency and was laughed right out of the money changers booth. Never mess with a minimum wage maid my friend, she went straight to police. It seems the only domination he got right was the $1 US, who the hell would accept a $100,000 bill?


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Not So Funny Money

Hmm, she doen't look very observant!

Hmm, she doen't look very observant!

Here’s the thing 50 year old wanna-be-counterfeiter, you can fool a hooker all of the time but a taxi driver NEVER! Geez, Rickey Kempter is facing 20 years for trying to pay an exotic dancer with phoney money he whipped up on his home printer. While Kempter and his lady of the night were heading to a Wyoming motel in a taxi, the cabbie was given a roll of $50 bills to hold (don’t friggin ask, I don’t know!). Anywho, Mr keen eye cabbie noticed the money was friggin fake and rang the cops. Hmm, what was the hint, they looked strange and weren’t cut properly? Cabbie 1, Exotic dancer 0, Kempter  -1.

Psst Lucky the cabbie spotted it first or the dancer would have hung him by his balls!

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Was The Ink Even Dry?

Judge let counterfeiter off because it was done so badlyMarcos Ribles did such a poor job of making counterfeit money the Argentinian judge let him go, finding him innocent by reason of incompetence.The 65 year old’s attempt was so poor the judge said no one in their right mind would be fooled into believing they were real. Mr Ribles tried to pass off a fake 100 peso note and a $50 US note with no luck. How embarrassing, it sounds like they were photocopied onto really crappy paper!


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