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Public Service Announcement

Robber rocks crying  baby to sleepIf for some unknown reason anyone has bought their condoms through Groupon Australia, you might be in for a few surprises. Sorry to inform you that they are counterfeit and more than likely to contain holes. o oh.


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Fake Fur

mouseThe high society of Rome are all aghast after a group of Chinese business owners were busted for making fake cashmere clothes. And by fake I mean the cashmere was actually rat fur and acrylic.


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Kid Uses Counterfeit Bill To Buy Mother’s Day Present

Hello, I need a lawyer!

I don’t know what’s worse, a seven year old using a fake dollar note to buy his mom a Mother’s Day present or telling officials it was his mom who gave him the counterfeit money in the first place! Geez, what a bitch! The boy had tried to use the dollar bill at his school but as it was glued together and cut unevenly on the both ends it was pretty much a bust right then and there. Hmm, a curious Loon wants to know what the hell he was buying her for $1?


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