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Breaking Bad

If only they used their powers for good. A couple in the US turned the kitchen window of their mobile home into a drive-thru window for drugs. Genius. They even had an open/closed sign for convenience. They figured a drive-thru wouldn’t draw as much attention as foot traffic. Unfortunately, their idea came to a grinding halt after police started investigating numerous overdoses in the area. Seems the drugs were allegedly laced with fentanyl. Doh!

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Child Abuse

OMG, a couple have been arrested in the US after the man allegedly used pro wrestling moves on the woman’s 21 month old boy. The child had bruises and four cracked ribs. The mother told Florida police her boyfriend, Steve Plummer, would mimic wrestling shows by body slamming the tyke onto a bed and slamming him into walls. She also said she didn’t report the abuse because she was hoping it would improve. Uhuh! Hmm, thank goodness the guy wasn’t into ultimate cage fighting.


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Now Have I Got A Tip For You!

OK, here’s the thing people who don’t tip because the service was crap, you may end up handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car. Well, shoot me down with a feather, Pennsylvania couple Pope and John Wagner, who were eating with friends at the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem were so pissed with the poor service they decided not to pay the mandatory 18 percent gratuity charge. Next thing they know the bartender had rung the police and they were being hauled to the police station in cuffs and charged with theft. Hmm, now think about this real hard Lehigh Pub, was the $16 tip worth all this bad publicity?

Psst Note how I refrained from any Pope or Bethlehem jokes!


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