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Pilot, Can You Deploy The Air Mask

My actual worst nightmare, sitting next to someone with BO. Apparently, I am not alone. This week a couple were removed from an American Airlines flight because several passengers complained about their chronic body odor. Just so awks. I can remember many moons ago walking into a cloud of BO in an aisle of a supermarket. It was so thick and putrid that the stench cloud engulfed me and then held me hostage. It even infiltrated my clothes and HAIR. I can remember gagging and as customers walked by they gave me side-eye as if it was me. The trauma was real.

PSST Just a little side note, the couple were so stunned they asked people in the terminal to have a whiff. According to them, they didn’t smell so bad.

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Scammers Got Scammed

Listen and learn young loons, writing thousands of death threats and sending them to yourself is no way to go through life. A couple in Australia who worked in the health department sent themselves death threats to get indefinite time off work. While scoring paid leave they went on interstate trips and lived a carefree existence whilst their employer had the privilege of paying for it. The fake threats totalled over 80,000 and included bloodstained parcels, nasty letters and crude phone calls over a two year period. Some of the parcels contained stained children’s clothing and were sent to their kids at school. The health department even put them up in an apartment so they didn’t have to stay at their home. Unfortunately for the hubby and wife, the cops smelled a rat and came up with a sneaky plan to catch them out. They snuck into the couple’s apartment and marked a stack of letters and envelopes with a special invisible ink. Too easy. The next letter handed to police had them busted.

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When a Cat Hates You

A Wisconsin couple had to call 911 after their cat went commando and held them hostage. Yes, little kitty was none too pleased about something and attacked hubby before cornering them in their home. Emergency services sent help and now kitty is lingering in a shelter, really pissed off now .


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Blowing Bubbles at -45C

This video has been lingering on Youtube since 2009 but once it got posted on Reddit it went viral. Nice one hun.


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A Wedding Planner’s Epic Fail

Whoopsie. A wedding planner for a five-star country house hotel in England accidentally forwarded an email to her client which was intended for her manager only …. it read

‘Hi Carlo,

I need your advice on this wedding, I know this probably doesn’t sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don’t think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park.
I spoke to the bride yesterday as she was enquiring about availability, and I have put her off for now by telling her the dates that she is looking at are not available, but she has asked me if I can get back to her with available dates around the end of June beginning of July 2013


Seems the wedding planner wasn’t at all thrilled with the couple. The bride-to-be, who was left in a flood of tears, believes the five star hotel didn’t want their £10,000 business because the groom had an eyebrow piercing and two small earrings. Either that or it was age difference, the bride is 27 and the groom 51.  The bride-to-be is a law graduate and drug and alcohol counsellor while  the groom  works as an engineer for the Ministry of Defence.

Want sauce with that?


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Muslim Couple 911 Pranked Over 150 Times

Can the person who keeps prank calling 911 and sending police and fire fighters to a Muslim couple’s apartment in upper Manhattan friggin quit it! For nearly two years Mamadou and Assetou Sy have have been the target of over 150 prank calls. All the calls are made in the middle of the night and each time they have to open the door to either a cop or a firefighter and explain that …. no there is no one injured…..nope there is no fire…. or sorry, there was no gunfire coming from the apartment. Unfortunately both departments by law have to respond to the pranks!


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Jets Scrambled For Sex Romp in Airplane Toilet

Umm, about that air emergency over Detroit, seems a couple were bonking in the toilets. As you were F-16 fighter jets, as you were. The pilot wasn’t taking any chances when crew notified him that three passengers were going back and forth to the toilet. Two fighter jets were scrambled and the plane was escorted to Detroit Airport.  When the plane landed the couple were still in the toilet.

Psst 9/11…really????



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Sex In Overdrive

You know what is hell awkward? When you are having hot steamy sex in a car and one of you kicks the automatic gear stick and you end up in the freezing friggin water of the Rhine (yes, the river in Germany). Hmm, kinky but cold! Oh and definitely a mood killer.


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Ice Capades

Look up in the sky? It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No it’s big chunk of friggin ice and it’s heading out way! A Chichester couple,Vince and Brenda Foote, are thanking their lucky stars that a massive chunk of ice which crashed through the roof of their flat didn’t friggin land on them. The ice which believed to have came from an airplane left a 3ft hole in their flat . Sheez, I hope it wasn’t a yellow color…I’m just saying!

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Honey, Your Feet Are Col….WTF

My wife doesn't have a .... ahhhhh!!

My wife doesn't have a .... ahhhhh!!

You know most people wouldn’t complain if a naked man wandered into their hotel room. OK, they probably would! A couple staying at a hotel  in Queenstown, New Zealand, got the shock of their lives when some wayward, drunk, naked, Aussie guy waltzed into their room and fell asleep in their bed. Exit couple. The terrified  woman hid in the bathroom while hubby, I assume, got help. Seems the drunk naked guy was just as surprised to discover where he was, as the laughing policemen who woke him!


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