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Driving School Justifies Charging Women More

Spanish women worse drivers than menIt’s official, women are the worst drivers….in Spain that is…. after a driving school successfully argued the point in court. The school had been charged with sexual discrimination for charging women more for driving lessons but were able to prove, through data, that men took fewer lessons than women to pass their driving exams. Judge sided with the school. Another win for Team Men


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Assisted Suicide or Murder?

Believe it or not. Prosecutors in a Manhattan court case say their client Kenneth Minor did not murder Long Island motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker, but was simply holding the knife while he ran into it seven times. Oh yes, new information has come to light, including Mr Locker’s financial woes, the purchase of life insurance policies and “recent computer searches concerning funeral arrangements”. They claim Mr Locker paid a complete stranger to help him with an “assisted suicide” because he was in financial ruin. Strange thing is,they may just buy it, the case has been adjourned so everyone , including the judge can review and research the information further.


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Man Kicks The Bucket

Man innocent of kicking neighbors bucketOh for goodness sakes people! A Polish man has finally cleared his name after a neighbor accused him of kicking her bucket. Yes, that’s right, he kicked her friggin £3 bucket so hard it landed in the bushes! After the kick Alicja Tomankiewicz was so pissed with Waldemar Wilk she took him to court! Mr Wilk thought video footage of Ms Tomankiewicz using the bucket after the incident was proof enough he did no harm to her friggin bucket. But alas they couldn’t prove the footage was taken before or after the kick, so they brought in an expert to see if kicking a bucket really hard could damage it! OMG, get a life people! Anywho, poor old Wilk was found guilty! It was only after his appeal did the court finally drop all charges.

Psst The case dragged on for 18 months, lucky he didn’t really kick the bucket!


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