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OK, here’s the thing Andrew Allen Kramer, when trying to flog  your marijuana a) don’t wear a bright red coat and b) don’t sell it in front of the friggin courthouse. I’m just saying, people will dob you in.

Want sauce with that?


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Granny Goes Full Monty

Poor granny. When the Chinese government demolished her house as part of a massive urban renewal programme ( which allows forced evictions) , 77 year old Zhuang Jinghui stripped naked on the steps of the Shanghai courthouse as a last act of defiance. You go girl.



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The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

It's like sitting on a friggin bunch of grapes!

Oh for crying out loud Richard Garcia, if you are going to expose yourself in a car outside a courthouse and rub your genitals in front of a  detective don’t be telling him you were just applying hemorrhoid cream when the tube you are holding is clearly marked K-Y Warming Jelly. That’s masturbating  here in the state of Florida. Mr Garcia was released on $150 bail.


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Water Fountain Fail

I'm so thirsty!

Hey handicapped people in Columbia county, good news, your courthouse has finally installed a new handicapped-accessible water fountain. Yes, it’s on the 2nd floor acccessible only via that staircase…ah wait…never mind!


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Wedding On Hold

Whoops silly me, forgot there would be cops EVERYWHERE!

Whoops silly me, forgot there would be cops EVERYWHERE!

Hmm, here’s the thing. If you are considered Salt Lake County’s Public Enemy No. 1, don’t be going to no courthouse to get married fool! Of course someone spotted Frank Paul Reyos when he entered the Ute Tribal Court, he is on every friggin wanted poster in town. Plus he has an unmistakable spiderweb tattoo on his forehead! Hmm, you might want to be changing that title to Salt Lake County’s Dumb Ass No. 1.

Psst What’s the bet the mother-in-law tipped off the police? I would!


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