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Professor Bovinicus Cow

Let me say I’ve had a few teachers like this. Hmm, thank goodness she doesn’t have a cattle prod. Created by well known artist Len Zuks, this cow is currently on the corner of Blackwood Avenue directing traffic (and giving out lectures). Friggin cows, they think they know everything.

Len Zuks – Bovinicus represents what continually needs to be done – learning. The accumulation of knowledge both enlightens and keeps at bay, the dark ages.

Professor Bovinicus cow

And the lesson today....

Who threw that duster at me?


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Herd It On The Grapevine

Don’t even bother trying to get this cow’s attention, it has been listening to the CowParade hits channel way too long. And whatever you do, don’t ask it to sing! The Herd It On The Grapevine cow was designed by artist Chris Williamson for the 2010 Margaret River CowParade event.

Herd It OnThe Grapevine

I wine a lot!

Slow down, you moo too fast...


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The Cow Of Many Colours

When I first spied this cow I though ho-hum, until I realized that the artist, Mitchell McAuley, had fashioned  the coat from all the various coloured ear tags that cattle wear. Very clever indeed. The cow and the coat can be found on the lawns of the Colonial Brewing Co as part of the Margaret River CowParade event.

Mitchell McAuley : This piece is simply taking something, in this case ear tags, commonly found on cattle. I have created a chain mail effect in  rainbow of colours across the cow, and have one ear tag in its ear.

The Cow of Many Colours

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Moo-Vaders Cow

Seeing as today is the 30th anniversary of Pacman, I thought it appropriate to feature the space invader inspired cow which was designed by artist Nathan Morris as  part of the Margaret River Cowparade collection. Located outside the Margaret River Chocolate Company, I am surprised it isn’t a tad fatter around it’s girth.

Nathan Morris : My inspiration came from spending too much time at the pool shop in Kalgoorlie playing pinnies with the hand full of change I used to flog out of Dad’s wallet.

Psst I would have just painted the cow brown and called it “How now brown cow”!


Game Over

A diet? As if!


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One Happy Cow

I spy with my little eye something starting with WTF. This One Happy Cow is perched on one of the best advantage points in Margaret River, right on top of the Water Corps water supply tanks. Views, fresh air and water what else would a friggin cow want?

Andrew Hunter – One Happy Cow is a reflection of my family’s joy of life and optimism with our recent moove to Margaret River….Life is good.

One Happy Cow



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Moo Moo Retro Couch

Pull up a cow and take a seat, it’s the Moo Moo Retro Couch. Designed by artist Melanie Maclou this laid back lounge cow offers a comfy place to sit your butt down and take in the beauty view. If you’re lucky someone might just hand you a beer too (it’s currently located at the Colonial Brewing Co).

Melanie Maclou :  Take a stroll, relax, sit and keep Moo Moo company in the paddock….

Moo Moo Retro Couch cow

Hmm, so it's a leather couch?


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Dreams of the Daliesque Bovine

What  every paddock needs, a Dali inspired bovine. Created by local artist Suzanne Horton, the grandiose Dreams of the Daliesque Bovine  grazes along Blackwood Avenue in Augusta, just waiting to be hung on a wall.

Suzanne Horton : One can not avoid the great depth of One’s obsurd subconscious thoughts. Does this mean cows too?

Dreams of the Daliesque Bovine

Steak and eggs?

Holy water?

Nothing upstairs or is it a Salva door?

No dilly dali-ing please!

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Eco Rave Cow

If the Madhatters were a cow!!!!! This spectacularly pink cow is the brainchild of artists Lara Hoole and Catherine Gardiner as part of the Margaret River CowParade collection.The eco sensitive bovine  features solar paneling in the hat, seriously reflective sunnies,and the sparkiest udders you’ll ever seen on a cow. It’s the kinda cow Paris Hilton would adopt if it could fit in her handbag!

Artist Statement : “Eco – Rave Cow” embodies the spirit of the party atmosphere. Bright, shiny and sparkly painted, mirrored exterior will sparkle well into the night until the sun comes up, to recharge her batteries

Eco-Rave Cow

Looks like a Paris Hilton handbag!

Doubles as a CCTV surveillance system!

OMG, sparkling udders still makes her ass look big!


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In The Scheme of Things Cow

Oh yes, it’s that time of the day again when I unleash another  friggin CowParade cow on you. This one is cow number 31 In The Scheme of Things cow and was designed by the Augusta Margaret River Shire Team. It’s looking a little lost and confused standing on the corner of  the Augusta Historical Museum but anywho in very “typical” shire fashion the cow is an artistic interpretation of an aerial view of the region.

AMR Shire Team – Inspired by the birds eye view of Margaret River. The design consists of abstracted elements to show a variety of areas of the region. Areas depicted are Augusta, Margaret River and Cowaramup.

In The Scheme of Things cow

Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough...

Seems like that bird has good aim!

Great, put the valley on my butt crack you bastards!!!


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Milky Way Cow

A constellation cow, simple but interesting. At first I thought it was the markings for the different beef cuts (blahahaha that would have been funny) but no, it’s the stars making up the Milky Way.  Hmm, maybe that’s why cows get abducted by aliens! Anywho, the cow was designed by artist Greg Gelmi as part of the Margaret River CowParade and can be found star gazing around Arlewood winery.

Greg Gelmi – A representation of the Milky Way galaxy, our connection to the heavens and each other.

Milky Way cow

Is this what a cow with polio would look like?


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