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Maggie May Cow

The Maggie May cow spends all day, every day, just watching the cars coming and going along  Busssell Highway in Cowaramup.Lucky for her she has 30 coats of varnish to protect her from the elements!

Zoom, there goes another car....

Where the hell are my eyes?

Tan my hide!


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Belle Cow

How now Belle cow. This little sweet tooth is currently located outside the Candy Cow store in Cowaramup which happens to have the best blackbutt  honeycomb in the world. Belle was designed by artist Hui-jyu Forrester as part of the Margaret River CowParade.

Hui-jyu Forrester – Belle is unashamedly female. I like the idea that even though she is at rest, quiet & still, she is dynamic, powerful and full of life.


Unashamedly female!

What sort of bastard would put me outside a candy store?


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