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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Cows Pooping

The hills are alive with the sound of angry farmers. So you want cows to stop pooping on steep hills in Bavaria?  Hey honey, can you whip up a pair of enormous diapers for Doris? A German farmer who was a little pissed that the European Union want to ban cows from pooping on hillsides (something about nitrates in the dung affecting ground water) protested by putting an enormous nappy on his cow, Doris.

cow diaper


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Russian Cowgirl

Thank goodness, her teeth hurt!!!

A little 5 year old “feral” girl who can only communicate by mooing has been discovered in Russia living with a herd of cows . Police were called to a property in the Ural mountains after concerned locals noticed her and  found the mooing child AND the parents who apparently let her live amongst the bovine.


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For Whom The Bell Tolls

You’ll have to speak up

The hills will not longer be alive with the sound of cowbells in one Austrian village. Seems not everyone enjoys the clang, clang, clang, they make, especially during the night. A court has ordered a farmer to remove the “traditional” bells from his herd after a neighbor complained.

Psst Hmm, I’m guessing the cows are friggin pleased too!!!




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I’m Not Having That It My Coffee

What's wrong with your own milk lady?

Oh crap, scientists have been messing with cows again. Yep, the latest genetically modified breakthrough is cows that produce “human” breast milk. Seriously I kid you not, they have bred 300 cows that had been given human genes to make their milk contain the same nutrients and fat content as human breast milk. Yuk! What could possibly go wrong?

Psst Why can’t human just leave nature well alone?

Want sauce with that?


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Wholey Cow

Margaret River CowParade bovine number 82 is Wholey Cow, located outside the Evans & Tate Winery. Ok, yes, this is a Swiss cheese producing cow! Created by Jack in the Box, it should keep the little snowflakes amused (poking their hands in and out) just long enough for you to do a little wine tasting . Evans and Tate produce one of the most versatile white wines on the market, Evans and Tate Classic Dry White. It is consistently good and a trust worthy favourite if you’re not too sure what to take to a dinner party or restaurant. Evans and Tate is now part of McWilliams Wines.

Jack In The Box – More than just another incredible looking cow. ‘wholey cow’ is an interactive statement that engages the senses and inspires conversation

Wholey Cow

Never work with animals or children!

So close, yet so far from tasting their classics!


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Chocolate Drop!

It's because we are all sheep!

It's because we are all sheep!

Hmm, someone is either cow tipping the poor bastards or the bovines in the Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen are committing suicide in their droves! So far 28 cows have leaped from a cliff to their deaths in three days. Locals are pointing their fingers at recent thunderstorms for spooking the cows into jumping. However, scientists are dissing the suicide angle and think it is more the case of Lemming disorder, where they just follow too closely together and when one falls they all fall.

Psst Last week 30 cows from California fell off a cliff into the Fresno River and died. Hmm, do they know something we don’t?


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