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Crack Cocaine Fail

If you are hiding 23 pieces of crack cocaine in your mouth it is probably not wise  to mumble anything to police or you might find yourself tasered and all your drugs spat out on the ground.

Want sauce with that?


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Extra Cushion

OK, here’s the thing Demare Gary, when hiding 17 bags of crack, it isn’t a good thing to stash it in a 3 year old’s pink Nike Air Jordan, I’m just saying. The poor little snowflake had complained to her mommy that her foot hurt so she loosened the laces before sending her limping off to school. When she continued to whine to the teacher about her foot she took off her pink Nike Air Jordan’s and viola  17 baggies of crack cocaine.

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From The Comfort of Her Own Home

I was supplementing my income, damn you!

Oh for crying out loud granny, shouldn’t you be knitting or something? 88 year old Ola Mae Agee has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after she was busted selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop from her Florida home. Ms Agee, who has a long history of dealing, had the stash hidden down the back of her couch in her living room.


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I’m Not Quite Finished With You

OK, here’s the thing Elizabeth Moffett, when you have been thrown in jail for allegedly trying to run over a man, don’t be using your one phone call to ring him up and abuse him! Newsflash, evidently crack cocaine doesn’t make you smarter or wiser!


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She’s All Yours

OK, here’s the thing Massachusetts man, we have not yet reached the stage where it is  a bartering society, so no, you can’t trade your baby for beer or cocaine! Police charged Matthew Brace with reckless endangerment of a child after it was alleged he offered a convenience store employee  his 3 month old baby in exchange “For two 40s”. Which usually means beer and/or crack cocaine.  Happy Fathers Day, daddy!


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Keep The Change

OK, here’s the thing Wichita man, if you pay your drug dealer with monopoly money there is going to be retribution when he finds out. A man bleeding from the head in Wichita, Kansas, told police he had been bashed by an upset drug dealer after he used several hundreds of dollars of monopoly money to buy crack cocaine. He claims he was pistol whipped and punched after they tracked him down a few weeks later but refuses to tell police anymore details.

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