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What a Crack Up

I don’t know who came up with this idea but pure evil genius. A sneaky little LED light effect makes it look like the walkway is cracking beneath the feet of unsuspecting Chinese tourists.


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Here Honey, Can You Hold This?

Antwine Bulter better be getting his 13 year old daughter a friggin awesome Christmas present this year after he left her holding 50 bags of crack and bags of marijuana when he spied police at his front door. He took off out the back door as he yelled to his daughter to gather up all the drugs and get rid of them. When police entered with a search warrant she was standing there holding the entire stash. As for daddy dearest, he hasn’t been seen since!


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Is Hiding a Crack Pipe In A Bible a Sin?

OK, here’s the thing Tonya Sutton, walking down the street drinking from a container of malt liquor is eventually going to lead to police finding your crack pipe hidden your a Bible. I’m just saying!

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From The Comfort of Her Own Home

I was supplementing my income, damn you!

Oh for crying out loud granny, shouldn’t you be knitting or something? 88 year old Ola Mae Agee has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after she was busted selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop from her Florida home. Ms Agee, who has a long history of dealing, had the stash hidden down the back of her couch in her living room.


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Ding Dong Druggie Calling

You know times are tough when people start selling weed and crack door to door. Unfortunately for Eric Godbolt he knocked on the home of an off duty officer making his home business short lived .

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So, What’s Cooking?

Oh for the love of god Denonta Thadison, don’t be ringing the police to report a missing $10,000 if you have 2lbs of crack and powdered cocaine hiding in your microwave. Thadison panicked when he couldn’t find his money so he rang the police. When officers did a quick search of his hotel room they found the money in the microwave along with his stash of drugs. That’s an arrest for you and  your girlfriend plus a little holiday for your 16 month boy, care of the Department of Human Services.

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Color You Stupid

A man in Flint , Michigan ( Michael Moore country) got himself in all sorts of trouble after he told police his car had been stolen and then he had been  robbed while trying to use his credit card to buy crack. Pretty much an all round fail. Cops didn’t believe any of his stories and arrested the fool.

Psst Do they friggin take credit cards?

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It Really Was Candy

Why don't you just smell my breath?

Why don't you just smell my breath?

Donald May is suing the Kissimmee Police Department after he spent three months behind bars because of his mints. Mr May was driving home from work when cops pulled him over for an expired tag, next thing he knows they are accusing him of chewing crack and promptly arrested him. Turns out that crack he was chewing was in fact breath mints. The officer, on the other hand, claims he saw Mr May purchase the drugs while at an intersection and that when he was pulled over he promptly ate the evidence. The officer also claims the field test on the remains of the white substance in Mr May’s mouth tested positive for drugs! Hmm? Anywho Mr May couldn’t raise the bond so he spent 3 months behind bars waiting for the test results. In the meantime the police department auctioned off his car, he lost his job and also his apartment.


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