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This Is Moose To Ground Control

What could be more embarrassing for a moose than getting stuck in a tree?  Probably nothing! The poor thing was just minding its own beewax, getting drunk on fermented apples, when suddenly she found herself good and wedged in the fork of the tree. Bummer! Enter a Swedish rescue crane , which managed to winch her to solid ground. Hmm, that will be one mighty hangover she’ll be nursing.



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What A Beautiful View We Have Here Honey

Need help?

You know what I hate? When a friggin family of Ospreys turn a 150ft crane into their personal high rise penthouse suite and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission say you can’t move them because of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. I really friggin hate that. Jani Salonen who owns the crane is losing thousands of dollars a day because it is now an “active nest” and everyone knows you can’t move an active nest. Hmm, should have shooed them away before the eggs were laid mister!

Want sauce with that?


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