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This Is Where You Get Off

OK frequent plane travellers, here’s a heads up on when you are most likely to end up on Air Crash Investigation. Apparently the most vulnerable time for a plane to crash is during final descent and landing. So says Boeing. But you know what? Most of the plane crashes I have read about kaboom in mid flight, suddenly, without warning usually during an inflight movie or as the food trolley is heading down the aisle. This loon hates flying, despite doing it often. I not only check where all the exits are, but analyse the passengers to work out who I can outrun. Just saying.


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Self Serve

If you try and purchase $2,200 worth of gift cards at a Safeway store and your cheque bounces what do you do? Apparently, if you are a middle aged woman with an SUV you smash into store and drive up and down the aisles. She was arrested at home. No word on whether she got her gift cards.

PSST Oregon


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Special Delivery

You know what I hate? When you are minding your own bee’s wax then…kaboom… a friggin 24lb bundle of weed crashes through your carport roof and nearly kills your pooch. OK, it missed the dog but crushed his kennel. Still kinda hate that. Police suspect someone accidentally dropped the marijuana from an aircraft a little too early.



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A Google Street View Car Named Disaster

applaudWell that is just awkward. A Google Street View car crashed into another car while going the wrong way up a one way street. Hmm, should have used Google map…..oh never mind. Both vehicles were towed away.

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Soft Landing

If you fall asleep at the wheel it is always best to crash into a mattress store….aint that right lady from Dallas?


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Watch Out For That ….

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtYou know what I hate? When you’re driving your motorised bar stool without a helmet and you crash. I really friggin hate that. Some poor Kiwi guy , who uses a go-kart with a bar stool attached ,  is currently in a critical condition after leaving a local pub and then…. kaboom . Police suspect alcohol may have been involved.


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Russian Plane Crash Debris Hits Cars

You are driving along minding your own business when KABOOM, you are showered with Russian plane debris. I hate that. Lucky you caught it all on tape because you know how damn cynical insurance companies are these days.


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Dude, That’s One Scary Escape Hatch

Check out how tough this Turkish man is when he gets flung from his car after a crash. That’s gonna leave one nasty skid mark me thinks.


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Phobos-Grunt Has Landed

Nero. Nero. Nero. Are you OK?

Hard hats off loons, the Russian Phobos-Grunt has landed. No, of course it didn’t land on anyone’s noggin but you might want to avoid eating fish caught in the Pacific Ocean for awhile. Gotta be careful of that toxic fuel now, don’t we?


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House Gets Free Satellite On Roof

Hey loons, guess where a Russian satellite has crashed? Into the roof of a house in Cosmonaut Street in central Siberia, that’s where. The irony police are on their way! Yep, the Meridan communications satellite failed to launch properly and a chunk of it came a crashing down onto an unsuspecting village and right on to a street named in honor of the Russian spacemen.


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