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Nice Dismount

OK, one more time people, if you are going to use a bicycle as a getaway vehicle when stealing a TV from Walmart, make sure you pay attention or you may just slam into the back of a police car. The fool was too distracted by a policeman chasing him on foot that he didn’t see the other cop drive up ahead and stop. Wham, %#^& , splat.


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When It’s A Good Time To Fib

You know sometimes it’s just better to lie. Take the woman from New Jersey who told police she had been carjacked. Far better she said that, than tell them her car had crashed because she was having sex with a complete stranger she had picked up from the side of the road.


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Man Praised For Urinating On Gyrocopter

If there was a bravery award for someone pissing on a crashed gyrocopter to stop it bursting into flames it would have Colin Bright’s name on it. The dude urinated on the wreck after it crashed in Dorset, fearing it would burst into flames and kill the trapped pilot.


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Red Bull Air Race Plane Crashes Into Swan River

Sheez loons, nearly had a scoop for you. I had just driven over the Narrows Bridge when, for the first time in the Red Bull Air Race’s 7 year history, they had a splat! A Brazilian pilot crashed into the Swan River. Ewh, jellyfish hell!


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It’s Just Not Fare

You know what I hate? When you are in a taxi, it goes through a red light, flips upside down and then, while you are thinking WTF,  some bastard steals your money. I really hate that! A driver and two passengers of a yellow cab in Albany were upside down in the car when some “Samaritan challenged ” person reached in and stole money from a cup and then went on their merry way without so much as  a “are you OK? “. The occupants were all later taken to hospital.


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