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And you Thought YOU Had A Bad Day at Work!

You know your day sucks when you accidentally crash a $250,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder into a 5 star hotel in New Delhi, and you are simply the valet. Worse still, you cause $330,000 worth of damage. Oh wait, then the owner bumps the total cost up to a cool half mil because he has included the cost of importing the damn thing to India. Hmm, hope this doesn’t get deducted from your pay check?

Oh wait, then there’s the mockery that comes from the video being released …


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That’s Nuts

Squirrel brings down NasdaqThe Nasdaq flatlined yesterday and it is kinda being blamed on a nut hoarding squirrel.OK, they aren’t coming right out and saying a little rodent is to blame for killing the iconic electronic stock market but if you read between the lines …. “We’re not saying it’s squirrels, just that squirrels have taken down the Nasdaq before” … they pretty much are.


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Oh Shit

Man texting will driving crashes into trailer of manure

Just picture this in liquid form

Let this be a lesson to all of you, a man in a rented convertible who was texting on his phone drove smack, bang into the back of truck pulling a trailer of liquid manure. Poetic justice or God’s dark humor?


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That’s Gotta Hurt

OK, here’s the thing 14 year old boy from Connecticut , if you remove the brakes from your bike and ride it, inevitably it’s going to end in disaster. In this case (within minutes) straight through a stop sign and smack bang into a car. Should have been wearing a helmet kid!  Hmm, natural selection!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Here We Go Again


Holy global panic Batman. Stockmarkets around the world have plunged raising fears we are heading for a new world recession. Egads! America, Britain and Australia have all been left battered and bruised with billions wiped off their stocks. The meltdown is being blamed on Europe’s failure to dig themselves out of their finacial hole and America’s , well you know, 15 trillion dollar debt situation which could throw them back into a recession anytime soon.  Happy Birthday Mr President


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Everybody Duck!


Can the owner of the car with a multi million dollar space balloon splattered over it please come to the front counter. A NASA space balloon has come to an embarrassing end after it crashed through a fence and onto a car (tipping it over) shortly after taking off in Alice Springs. The balloon and it’s payload are now scattered into a thousand pieces (well, there goes the duct tape suggestion) after springing a leak 26,000m up.No one was injured (except for pride).

Psst Geez, I hope there was nothing important in it ! Another tax right-off!


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Red Bull Air Race Plane Crashes Into Swan River

Sheez loons, nearly had a scoop for you. I had just driven over the Narrows Bridge when, for the first time in the Red Bull Air Race’s 7 year history, they had a splat! A Brazilian pilot crashed into the Swan River. Ewh, jellyfish hell!


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Friggin Bozo!

Drunk clown crashes into police carMy worse friggin nightmare, a drunk clown driving erratically in Vancouver. The man dressed in a clown costume, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, eventually came to a grinding halt after crashing head on into a police car. See, I keep telling you, clowns are so not funny!


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