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Everybody Duck

explosionMight want to don your stackhats today loons, an unmanned Russian spacecraft is hurtling to Earth and no one has a clue where it is going to kaboom. The doomed craft was suppose to resupply the International Space station but a little mishap means it could land on your noggin. The Russians have their fingers crossed that the majority of the craft will just burn up on re-entry but debris could still cause issues.


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Everybody Duck, Space Junk Heading Our Way

EXPLOSION 8Stack hats at the ready Loons, a defunct Russian satellite is going to be crashing to earth today and experts haven’t a clue where it is going to kaboom.The Russians have released the standard pre crash warning blah blahs about the unlikely chance of getting hit by space junk fragments because most of the planet is covered in water. Just let it be known the Loon warned you.


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Duck Everyone

drunk3OK, no need to panic earthlings but a one tonne European satellite is gonna be crashing to earth sometime in the next two days and no one has a friggin clue where it is going to land. Thanks NASA!!!! Scientists are saying the chances of getting wholloped by a piece of space junk is minimal but you might want to dust off your stack hats just in case. You know, to be on the safe side!!!


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That’s Nuts

Squirrel brings down NasdaqThe Nasdaq flatlined yesterday and it is kinda being blamed on a nut hoarding squirrel.OK, they aren’t coming right out and saying a little rodent is to blame for killing the iconic electronic stock market but if you read between the lines …. “We’re not saying it’s squirrels, just that squirrels have taken down the Nasdaq before” … they pretty much are.


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